Comprehensive Email Security with Virtru and Area 1


The increase of sensitive data stored and shared via email, combined with the growing prevalence of phishing attacks exacerbate cybersecurity risks. Phishing is the root cause of 95% of breaches, while poor visibility and control of cloud email create data governance challenges for 90% of organizations. Traditional approaches come up short, missing phishing campaigns and preventing organizations from controlling and monitoring email once it’s shared.

Virtru and Area 1 Security deliver seamless, end-to-end encryption and advanced cloud email security for maximum security ROI, protecting organizations from phishing attacks while keeping email contents protected everywhere they’re shared.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Key trends related to the evolving email threat landscape and how traditional email security approaches fail to address emerging challenges, putting organizations at risk of data breaches, privacy violations, and noncompliance penalties.
  • Virtru and Area 1’s best-of-breed joint solution for encryption and cloud email security that helps organizations strengthen their security posture.
  • How Area 1 proactively hunts and intercepts sophisticated phishing campaigns like Business Email Compromise, which look innocuous to cloud email suites — all while reducing time spent on phishing investigations by up to 90%.
  • How Virtru’s end-to-end encryption, persistent control, and granular audit protect email everywhere it’s shared to keep email and attachments private and compliant.