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Product Update Webinar: Persistent File Protection for Gmail



Virtru helps over 5,000 organizations collaborate with confidence, so we’re excited to announce Persistent File Protection for Gmail. This new capability enables private, compliant sharing of attachments beyond Gmail to desktops, Google Drive, shared network folders, and other cloud platforms—while maintaining control and visibility. 

We’ve released Persistent File Protection for Gmail and this webinar recording will show you firsthand how it enables secure sharing workflows to accelerate collaboration and innovation at your organization.

Watch the webinar for a first look at how Persistent File Protection helps you protect Gmail attachments, share them anywhere, with anyone, without losing control.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Persistent File Protection keeps Gmail attachments private wherever they’re shared, for secure collaboration, compliance, and intellectual property protection.
  • How senders can maintain ownership, control, and visibility of Gmail attachments throughout the full data lifecycle.
  • How recipients seamlessly access Gmail attachments secured with Persistent File Protection to power secure collaboration workflows.
  • How visibility into access and sharing activity with Persistent File Protection powers robust Gmail audit workflows and enables adaptive access controls based on the data’s context.