Data Sheet

Protect Technical Data and Support ITAR Compliance for Google Drive

Achieve ITAR compliance in Google Drive with end-to-end encryption, access controls, and powerful key management capabilities.

Google Drive + Virtru Enable Compliant Storage and Sharing of ITAR Technical Data

Organizations that handle technical data regulated by ITAR must protect it from unauthorized access by non-US entities as it travels across platforms, applications, and devices, or face significant financial penalties and criminal prosecution. For decades, these organizations have been forced to use legacy systems to store and share technical data with limited visibility, control, and sharing capabilities that frustrate employees and inhibit effective collaboration with supply chain partners.

With Google and Virtru, you no longer have to sacrifice innovation and growth for ITAR compliance. Virtru’s end-to-end encryption allows you to harness the collaborative power of Google Drive and gives you the confidence that collaborative cloud files are always under your control and never fall into the wrong hands.

Data Protection and Control to Prevent Unauthorized Access by Non-US Entities

Persistent Protection & Control

Protect Google Drive with end-to-end encryption that prevents unauthorized access by non-US entities to technical data stored in the cloud and shared throughout the supply chain. Disable resharing, set expiration, and revoke access to files. Watermark documents to deter leaks, and maintain persistent control wherever files are shared.

Granular Audit Trails

View when and where files containing ITAR data have been accessed throughout digital sharing workflows, and adapt controls for evolving supply chain requirements.

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