Case Study

Qwil Depends on Virtru to Protect Customers’ PII and Build Brand Trust Within the Finance Industry

“Protecting customers’ PII is a requirement for companies in the finance industry, but we also wanted to build trust with our customers by showing that we take their privacy seriously. Qwil is a rapidly-growing company and we needed a data protection tool that could move quickly alongside us. Virtru does just that.”

Steve Purtill, Head of Customer Support at Qwil

What are the most critical or problematic data protection issues facing Qwil today?

“By being part of the financial industry, we have very strict compliance requirements for CCPA, PCI, and more and must always take great care to protect personally identifiable information (PII)—such as Social Security Numbers, addresses, and phone numbers—and other sensitive data, including account info and Employer Identification Numbers (EINs). The nature of our business is such that we must share PII and sensitive banking data internally and externally. 

“We realized we didn’t have an ideal solution in place for maintaining security for our clients and their sensitive information through our combined communications. We knew that we wanted to conduct business more securely and wanted a better experience for our customers. At the end of the day, we had to be accountable for our customers’ privacy and data security.”

How have you taken responsibility for protecting customers’ private data?

“It started with hiring a DevOps manager who had great ideas on how to protect customers’ PII. We were all in agreement that our legacy approach to data privacy and security wasn’t going to cut it. We needed a data protection solution that would help us build trust with our customers and prove that we were modernizing our approach to data protection, as many other companies are doing right now.

“Having used Virtru at my previous company, I knew what the capabilities were and I knew it would be the best solution for us and our customers.”

How has Virtru been integrated into your organization?

“The space was ripe for change given the way that PII was being handled. Once I got in touch with the Virtru Sales team to let them know we were ready, we were up and running within a week. The entire deployment process was fast and easy, and we appreciated the great care that Virtru took to ensure we were happy and seeing the results we wanted.

“With Virtru, every single Qwil employee who touches PII has the tools needed to protect it and be compliant. Customer Support and Account Management teams have the largest volume of Virtru usage. But, members of the Sales, Legal, and Senior Leadership teams also use Virtru to ensure our intellectual property and sensitive financials don’t end up in the wrong hands.

“Virtru is a sales enabler for us. We don’t want to fall into the category of companies that don’t take security and privacy seriously. Virtru is a talking point in every sales discussion; we tell customers how important it is to us that they don’t have to take any additional steps to protect their data when they choose to work with us. When we are onboarding new customers, we show them how to use Virtru straight away. Our customers are often blown away with the steps we are taking to protect their sensitive data.”