Developing the Right Strategy for Secure Email


Most of today’s most damaging cyber attacks begin by targeting corporate email systems. Many enterprises still don’t have a unified approach to protecting their email and messaging, leaving themselves open to a wide range of threats. In this webinar, Virtru’s VP of Product, Rob McDonald, and John Pironti of IP Architects, LLC. discuss strategies for limiting access to critical email systems, when to encrypt email attachments and transmissions, and how to build a day-to-day process for protecting email against common cyber attacks.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The pros and cons of traditional email security measures (and learn why broad adoption has been such a challenge)
  • How to adapt your email security model for the cloud
  • How the expanding privacy compliance landscape impacts messaging security practices
  • Why user-friendliness is vital to messaging security and what some of the latest advancements in user-friendly end-to-end encryption look like