Data Sheet

Increase Your Speed of Collaboration with an Enterprise Solution, Without the Enterprise Price

Remove Barriers of Digital Collaboration with Virtru Secure Share

Secure Share is coming soon!  The new secure space helps organizations to eliminate cumbersome workflows and gives collaborators peace of mind that they maintain control of their sensitive, private, and regulated data.

Quickly Get the Data You Need

  • Share your personal link anywhere you work, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or within video chat, so collaborators can easily upload files.
  • Collect data without worrying about the number of files you receive or file size.
  • Streamline collaboration without needing to initiate by sending an email or sharing portal logins.

Protect Files From the Moment They’re Uploaded

  • Ensure data remains private and mitigate risks with end-to-end encryption that ensures no third-party can access the files at any time (not even Virtru).
  • Avoid your network resorting to workarounds that are less secure or requiring processes that add friction such as adding password protection to a file.

Build Unique Trust With Collaborators

  • Give your collaborator/data owner the control to manage access settings, such as adding an expiration date or watermark to their file, preventing download for a ‘read only’ ability, and revoking access any time they choose.
  • Encourage collaborators to actively manage access to their data, with the ability to see all protected data they’ve shared with you, and mitigate security/privacy risks.

Download the data sheet to learn more and join the beta!