Data Sheet

The Virtru Data Protection Platform for Developers

Embed data protection and control into your applications with just a few lines of code.

With the Virtru Developer Hub, you can quickly ensure security and privacy for any unstructured data type produced or consumed by applications and connected devices. Virtru enables platform-agnostic protection, control and tracking for gathering, storing and sharing sensitive information. Whether you are building web, mobile, IoT or internal applications, the Virtru Developer Hub lets you encrypt sensitive data and maintain control even when it’s shared into untrusted environments.

Virtru Developer Hub Supports Core Data Protection Capabilities with User-First Technology and Flexible Deployments

Virtru Developer Hub

  • Embed PKI-backed AES encryption and control policies into your existing applications.
  • Manage communication with Virtru APIs.

Currently available in C++, Javascript, and Python

Trusted Data Format (TDF)

  • Data-agnostic, protective wrapper that enables secure and auditable information sharing.
  • Open, interoperable, JSON-encoded data format.
  • No vendor lock-in, proprietary standards, or infrastructure constraints.

Key Management Infrastructure

  • Generates unique, independent encryption key for each file.
  • Authenticates access attempts with open standards (OpenID, OAuth, SAML) via Identity Federation.
  • Manages access to keys via control policies using the Key Access Server.
  • Enables fine-grained access controls and data integrity checks with the Entity Attribute Server

Management Dashboard

  • Enables policy management and enforcement of data access requests.
  • Allows data access revocation for any or all authorized parties.
  • Creates and exports data access audit reports.
  • Gives visibility into access and sharing activity.
  • Creates granular event logs with easy export for audit reporting.

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