Virtru Encryption Key Management

Encryption Key Management, Tailored for Enterprise Privacy and Compliance

You Shouldn’t Have to Trust Third Party Vendors to Protect and Control the Keys Guarding Your Critical Data

Does your organization want to share emails and files in the cloud without having to trust third party providers with your data? You might want to ensure complete privacy in the cloud? Or maybe you need to meet data residency requirements, or perhaps you simply need to comply with CJIS, ITAR or other regulations.

If so, the answer is probably yes. To achieve ultimate cloud protection must control your organization’s encryption keys. But doing so has traditionally been too complicated. Fortunately, Virtru provides three levels of key management that prevent third parties from accessing your content. Choose from Virtru’s Pure SaaS model, Hybrid Cloud model or Hardware backed hybrid cloud model to meet your team’s business, privacy and regulatory requirements.

When you encrypt with Virtru’s Pure SaaS, this model encrypted data set in your cloud providers servers. While the encryption keys needed to unlock your data are hosted on virtual servers, you manage who can access your keys so only you control who can view your encrypted data.

Some organizations may want to host encryption keys on their premises, which Virtru’s Hybrid Cloud model allows its customer key server capability seeks for short. The case as an additional layer of encryption to the Virtru platform. The keys that Virtru stores are double encrypted by keys that you host in the container hosting platform of your choice, giving you complete and exclusive access to the encryption keys that unlock your data. Additionally, you can back up the case with the Hardware security module, a physical device that lets you share your own public private key pairs across any Virtru supported client.
In each of these instances, sharing Virtru encrypted content is easy and transparent for all parties involved.

Trusted Key Management for Maximum Privacy

Consider these key management options to achieve the ideal compliance and data security environment for your organization- And do so easily from the cloud without having to trust third party providers ready to take full control of your company’s sensitive data. Contact Virtru to find the right encryption set up for your team.