Data Protection for CRM and Customer Service Apps

Protect customer data and maintain control wherever it’s shared to improve engagement and grow your business.

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Private, Compliant Application Workflows for Engagement and Growth

Virtru automatically protects and controls email and attachments that CRM and customer service apps send to your customers. Flexible, fully-hosted deployment options align with existing processes and messaging infrastructure to prevent disruptions and help you realize the true potential of customer engagement


Ensure the privacy of automated messaging workflows that contain sensitive customer data.


Maintain compliance with data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and CCPA.


Grow your business by unlocking new engagement and service models, without slowing down existing processes.

“Virtru helps us maintain HIPAA compliance within new and existing communication platforms, while providing an incredibly easy experience for our patients. Our Virtru integration with Salesforce supports seamless, secure exchange of PHI without interrupting existing processes.”

– Steven Schwartzberg, IT Director, Tribeca Pediatrics

Protection and Control for Any App that Helps Engage Your Customers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) App Protection

Protect outbound sales quotes, contracts, and other private customer and prospect communications sent from Salesforce and other CRM apps.

Inquiries are encrypted in transit and decrypted when they’re delivered to the CRM app so your sales team can respond quickly and close more deals

Customer Service and Support

Protect private customer information exchanged by customer service and support applications like Zendesk.

Customer support inquiries are encrypted in transit, then decrypted in the application so your customer success and support teams can provide timely service, delight your customers, and ensure retention.

Custom Applications

Protect PII, PHI, and any other private data contained in messages and files generated and shared externally by custom applications developed inhouse to support external communications and customer service processes.

“Virtru’s ease of use and fast implementation sets it apart from other solutions.”

– Steve Mena, VP of Operations, Premier Health Care

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