Compliance and Privacy for Your Enterprise SaaS Applications

Encrypt email to and from Salesforce, Workday, Zendesk, and other applications without disrupting productivity.

Secure Data Exchanges, No Workflow Changes

Salesforce and CRM Encryption

Encrypt sales quotes and proposals sent from Salesforce and other CRM systems. Inquiries are encrypted in transit but decrypted at the gateway so sales can respond quickly to serve their customers and prospects.

ERP System Protection

Encrypt reports sent from NetSuite and other finance, accounting, and ERP systems to ensure confidentiality when working with investors, auditors, and contractors.

HR Software Security

Secure employee onboarding and benefits forms for HR systems like Workday and protect employee background checks and credit reports. Decrypt at the gateway to prevent HR process disruptions.

EHR and SF Health Cloud Encryption

Protect patient records, test results, and other PHI sent to and from Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR systems. Inbound patient inquiries are decrypted at the application layer to enable timely care.

Secure Customer Support and Project Management

Protect private customer information that applications like Zendesk and JIRA send and receive, then decrypt at the gateway to keep projects on track and prevent support delays.

IT Service Management Protection

Encrypt sensitive data that IT service management platforms like ServiceNow exchange, then decrypt at the application layer so IT teams can resolve outages and service employees, customers, and partners.

Data-Centric Protection for Any SaaS Application

Learn how to protect regulated and confidential data that your SaaS business applications exchange every day.


Facilitate Compliance

Meet compliance requirements for GDPR, HIPAA, CJIS, PCI, and other data protection regulations.

Ensure Privacy

Encrypt intellectual property and maintain other proprietary data to maintain confidentiality and prevent data loss.

Preserve Efficiency

Add data-centric protection without disrupting processes and inhibiting the efficiency of SaaS workflows.

Enhance Service

Secure the data that customers, partners, patients, and employees need, without delaying response times.

Features Summary

Seamless Data-Centric Protection

Fully-Hosted Data Protection Gateway

Minimize IT overhead with a fully-hosted Data Protection Gateway that deploys in minutes to protect CRM, helpdesk, and custom applications.

Easy Recipient Access

Let external parties view secure messages without requiring new accounts, credentials, or separate applications.

Inbound Decryption

Decrypt inbound messages at the application gateway so employees can provide timely service.

Instant Revocation

Revoke access to SaaS app-generated messages sent in error or whose contents have become confidential.

Complete Control & Visibility

Data Loss Prevention

Configure and manage DLP policies to detect sensitive data then encrypt, set expiration, watermark PDFs, and disable forwarding.

SIEM Integrations

Stop data leaks with SIEM integrations and incident response workflows.

Customer-Managed keys

Manage your encryption keys with Virtru Customer Key Server to ensure unauthorized parties can’t view sensitive messages.

Zero Trust

Store content separately from the keys that secure it. Only senders and authorized recipients can view sensitive content.

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