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Virtru Secure Share:

HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing

Secure Share is an encrypted file-sharing platform that allows you to share and collect the files you need, without friction. It’s an easy solution for providers, patients, and everyone in between, allowing your team to focus on the work that matters most.
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Healthcare use cases

256-bit AES

Encryption protects files


Size limit per file

How Do Healthcare Organizations Use

Virtru Secure Share?

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Easily Exchange Protected Health Information

Secure Share allows providers and patients to securely send their sensitive PHI files without the extra hassle or confusion. No excessive portals to log into, passwords to remember, or software to download.

Maintain HIPAA Compliance & Supervision

Protect sensitive information with end-to-end encryption at the data level. Granular access controls empower you with oversight for auditing. At any time, data owners can grant or revoke access to a file, set expiration dates, or track views.

Secure Your Team's Collaboration

Share your unique link to collect and share files within Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more. You can also integrate your personal link into automated workflow messages sent by your CRM or case management to streamline your process.

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Protect PHI With Ease

Virtru Secure Share offers an innovative solution to exchanging Protected Health Information (PHI), streamlining the process and removing the complexity often found with legacy methods. 

With Virtru Secure Share, you can:

  • Facilitate the secure and straightforward exchange of PHI files, eliminating the need for excessive portals or software downloads
  • Maintain stringent HIPAA compliance with robust end-to-end encryption at the data level, backed by granular access controls for comprehensive auditing
  • Seamlessly manage file access rights, set expiration dates, and track views and access, enhancing control over PHI files
  • Share a unique personal link for easy file collection and collaboration within teams
  • Integrate your link into automated workflow messages sent by your CRM, case management, or other systems, further streamlining your process

It's time to go with Secure Share - a reliable, secure solution that promotes effective collaboration while ensuring rigorous HIPAA compliance.

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Access Controls For All

Data owners can grant and revoke access to their sensitive data at any time and manage it with easy-toapply expiration dates or watermarks on files. Using the Virtru Control Center, administrators can track who has accessed protected data, when, where, and for how long–and can revoke access at any point.












Seamless Adoption for all Collaborators

Secure Share runs out of your browser, so there’s no need to download any software. All your collaborators (patients, insurance companies, and other providers) need is your personal link to share files with or access files from you. A streamlined user interface makes it intuitive for anyone to dive in and start sharing.



One-Click File Sharing

Designated individuals can share and receive secure files through a personalized link. By clicking on this link, patients, providers, and insurance companies can submit files of any size, that are then encrypted end-to-end upon upload, transit, and at the destination.








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