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Email Security: Inside and Out

Two fundamental issues continue to plague every industry and sector regarding cybersecurity. First, adversaries continue…
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The Sony Email Hack: One Year After

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the now historic cyberattack that crippled Sony Pictures. The…
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3 Email Security Issues You Didn’t Even Know You Had (And How to Fix Them)

Most people believe that if they keep their password private and don’t click suspicious links,…
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4 Enterprise Email Security Statistics That Might Scare You Straight

For far too many businesses, email security isn’t an issue until it suddenly is. Often,…
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6 Common Ways Employees Compromise Enterprise Data Security (And What You Can Do About It)

Usually when you think about enterprise data security, the first thing you picture is an…
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How to Encrypt an Email: The Easy Way and the Hard Way

If you’re already here, we probably don’t have to work too hard to convince you…
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Why Easy Email Encryption is Key to a Secure Internet

When it comes to any technological innovation, it doesn’t matter how many features it boasts…
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Top 3 Trends in Email Security in 2015

From the Edward Snowden saga to the Sony Pictures hack, email security spent a lot…
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Medical Records: An Increasingly Valuable Target for Hackers

  What's worth more? Your credit card numbers and bank account information or your medical…
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