Take Control of Your Email and Files in the Cloud


Rob McDonald

Vice President of Product Management


What You’ll Learn

  • How to approach the challenges that accompany cloud adoption, including security blind spots, proliferation of cloud vendors, data residency, and shadow IT
  • The new concerns that arise with data sharing and collaboration workflows, including reduced visibility and control over data, and careless sharing behaviors
  • How brand reputation concerns change in the era of GDPR, where organizations have an opportunity to differentiate by prioritizing data privacy
  • How data-centric protection lets you embrace the cloud while maintaining full visibility and control over your data

About This Webinar:

Do you trust cloud vendors to protect your information and privacy 100% of the time? Are you taking proper steps to limit your risks around data loss and resulting GDPR penalties and damage to your brand? And as your employees create and share data in undefined cloud environments, how do you overcome shortcomings of legacy and native controls that don’t give you clear visibility over where your data resides and who can access it?

Enterprises of all sizes have struggled to adapt to this new normal, but fortunately there’s still hope for your data and privacy.

Watch this webinar to learn how a data-centric approach gives you persistent protection and control over where your data travels, who has access, and for how long, so you can empower your employees and truly embrace the golden age of the cloud.