Virtru makes it easy to keep private communication private

Anyone can send and receive secure emails and attachments


Encrypt emails before sending


Control who has access


Revoke messages and files at any time


See where your messages are forwarded

Get Virtru

Works within all major email programs, applications and browsers

Security, Simplified

Virtru is there when you need it but out of the way when you don’t. No new programs, no complicated steps.

Set print / forward access & expiry date.

You can also revoke access at any time!

Total Control Means Total Confidence

You choose who can read your Virtru-secured messages and who can’t. Virtru never has access to your content.

Read Anywhere

In a few easy steps, your recipients can read your message securely.

Constant Control

'My Virtru' lets you see and control all of your secure messages in one convenient place

Meet the Trusted Data Format (TDF)

The PDF made it easy to read files anywhere. Now the TDF will make securing them just as easy.

The TDF is an open standard for securing content of all kinds. Virtru gives everyone the power of the TDF by integrating it with the tools you use every day, like Gmail and Outlook.

Ready to start sending securely?