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Zero Trust Data Control for Enterprise Cloud Environments

Many organizations protect their data by proxy with Zero Trust security solutions focused on identities, endpoints, networks, and applications. Virtru customers, however, advance their Zero Trust journeys by applying policy controls directly to data flowing through email, files, SaaS applications, and cloud infrastructure.

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Zero Trust. Total Data Control.

Data isn’t static. It moves in and out of your organization at high velocity. It’s always in motion, and it’s always changing.

Think about your organization’s most sensitive, proprietary data.

Are you protecting that data across its entire lifecycle — everywhere it moves?

Do you have a clear picture of how and where it’s been shared?

Once it leaves your organization, do you have any control over how it can be accessed?

If something goes wrong, do you have a way to take that data back?

Virtru gives you that control. Powered by the Trusted Data Format, our open, military-grade encryption wraps each data object in a layer of security and privacy that stays with the data, forever — giving you complete control at all times. This is what we call Zero Trust Data Control (ZTDC).

Protection by Proxy vs. Pinpointed Data Protection

A first principle of Zero Trust security is “Never trust, always verify.” This applies to identities, endpoints, network traffic, applications, and, indeed, the data itself.

Regardless of the Zero Trust reference architecture you are aligned with (DoD, NIST, Forrester ZTA), there are five pillars that must be considered as part of your security transformation. In today’s world, many organizations actively migrating to the cloud understandably prioritize investments aimed at securing identities, devices, and networks. Further, as data breaches continue to increase exponentially, organizations are increasingly expanding their Zero Trust initiatives to include policies applied to the data itself. Such efforts can include remarkably simple policies applied to email and files, automated protection of data flowing through SaaS applications, or sophisticated policies applied to multi-party analytics.

As data continues to proliferate and threats continue to accelerate, it’s a good time for organizations to begin shifting energy and resources from “macro” policies wrapping the enterprise (identities, devices, and networks), to “micro” policies wrapping the data itself.

After all, data is an organization’s most valuable asset, and it’s what most cyber criminals are ultimately after. By protecting the data itself, you can be confident that, even if account credentials are stolen, or your network is breached, the data remains safe and inaccessible to bad actors.

Zero Trust Data Control from Macro to Micro

Getting Smarter About Zero Trust Data Control

Prioritize Ease of Use

Deploy tools that make it easy and intuitive for your workforce to protect data. Virtru allows you to implement Zero Trust security without disrupting end-user workflows.

Attach Attribute-Based Controls to Data

Role-based access controls can cause you to over-grant data access to your employees. Use Virtru to assign granular tags to data, so it can only be accessed by those with a true need to know.

Revoke Access When Circumstances Change

People change jobs, get reassigned, and work on short-term projects. If, and when, circumstances change, use Virtru to revoke data access instantly, at any time.

Secure Data Across Multi-Cloud Environments

Whether your teams are using Microsoft or Google cloud services, or a combination of the two, Virtru’s data protection is cloud-agnostic — making secure, cross-cloud collaboration easy.

Wherever You Are, Advance Your Zero Trust Strategy with Virtru

Let’s face it: Evolving toward a Zero Trust security architecture is hard work. It involves a complex set of practices that span all aspects of IT; from identity, to devices, to networks, to apps, and all the way down to data itself.

It’s no secret how difficult and expensive it can be to implement Zero Trust controls for all phases of the digital value stream. What might be a secret, however, is just how easy and inexpensive it can be to apply Zero Trust controls directly to your sensitive data flowing in and out of your business via email, files, and SaaS applications.

Regardless of where you are on your Zero Trust journey, Virtru makes it easy for you to take the first step (or the last step) with data-centric policy controls that can be deployed in less than a day, for less than you might expect.

  • Email Security: Virtru’s data protection for Gmail and Microsoft 365 Outlook gives users a simple toggle button to protect the data they share, with configurable DLP rules that automatically encrypt sensitive information before it leaves your organization.
  • File Sharing: Virtru’s data security for Google Workspace — including Google Drive, Meet, Docs, Sheets, and Slides — puts protections in place for data shared across teams and outside your organization. Virtru Secure Share also provides an application-agnostic platform for securely sending and receiving large files.
  • SaaS Apps: Virtru offers a wide range of options for securing data that flows through SaaS apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Looker, Workday, and more. 
  • Secure Analytics: Leverage Virtru’s data protection platform and key management solutions to simplify data security and governance in support of multi-party analytics.
  • Custom Development: Leverage Virtru’s enterprise SDK to develop custom applications that are natively capable of sharing sensitive data without sacrificing control, security, or privacy.
Virtru + Google Workspace

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