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Data Protection is No Longer the Enemy of Convenience

Today’s data protection solutions fail because the trade-off between security and ease-of-use is unacceptable.

Regulated content, intellectual property, and other sensitive information are the lifeblood of the enterprise and that data must be shared – inside and outside your organization. Yet, today’s solutions just don’t work because the user experience causes too much friction to be effective. Virtru is dedicated to eliminating the trade-off between data protection and ease-of-use.

More than 8,000 organizations trust the Virtru Data Protection platform to easily protect and control sensitive information regardless of where it’s been created, stored, or shared. Learn more about Virtru’s patented underlying technology, which allows users anywhere, on any device to work the way they do today – without requiring a separate log-in, user interface, or application.


Our team brings together seasoned experts in data security, business privacy, and user experience.

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Backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Tenfore Holdings, and other privacy-conscious investors.

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Believe in the importance of personal and business privacy? Join us.

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“…just may be the best technology to shield your data from cyber-criminals—and government spying”

Fortune Magazine

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More than 8,000 Customers Trust Virtru’s Data Security Software

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