Easily Protect Data Wherever It’s Created or Shared

Protect your data, share it with confidence, maintain compliance, and get the job done.

Why Virtru

Traditional data protection solutions are difficult for organizations to deploy and use. As a result, data sharing and collaboration within and across organizations remains siloed out of fear of data misuse, abuse, and theft. This hampers business productivity and innovation and frustrates the IT, security, and compliance teams responsible for data protection and privacy.

At Virtru, we understand that data is your most valuable asset and sharing it is critical for business success. But sharing data creates significant risk. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between protecting data and sharing it.

We help you realize the true potential of collaboration by protecting your data from misuse, abuse, and theft. With a focus on ease of use and persistent data protection, Virtru enables you to innovate and better fulfill your mission by unlocking the power of privacy.

“Privacy requirements have an impact on the implementation of new technology, and many deployments will fail over time as they insufficiently address privacy-by-design and protection-by-default principles”

Gartner, Predicts 2019: The Ambiguous Future of Privacy, Bart Willemsen, Daryl Plummer, et al., 14 November 2018

Our Vision

Virtru was founded on the core belief that privacy-preserving data protection is both a fundamental right and a force multiplier for organizations. Unfortunately, digital privacy is under attack and existing privacy software solutions are insufficient and too complex.

Virtru is disrupting this status quo by making data protection and sharing easy to use. We aim to elevate the global movement for greater digital privacy, and support the digital rights that are foundational to business security and productivity, democracy, and human rights across the globe. Making these aspirations a reality requires a broad range of expertise and perspectives.

Virtru is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team, integrating a range of insights to create accessible, cutting edge data protection software with a global impact. It’s time to move beyond the insular and outdated approaches to privacy, and unlock the power of privacy to spark innovation and foster a more secure digital world.

Our Mission

Securely sharing data is essential in a digital economy. Our founders, John and Will Ackerly, experienced this unmet necessity first hand while working in national security. As a White House policy advisor during 9/11, John saw how secure data sharing and collaboration could have helped connect the dots and save lives. Will similarly experienced frustrations with data silos in the intelligence community. He created the Trusted Data Format so analysts and operators could confidently share data and collaborate across organizations.

Virtru was founded on these shared experiences and the belief that privacy is both an economic and national security imperative. Today, Virtru remains committed to helping organizations realize the true potential of their data while protecting it from misuse, abuse, and theft.

Our open source contributions aim to elevate privacy and collaboration while providing consistent standards to break down silos within the community. With a focus on ease of use and granular-level data protection, Virtru grants organizations the freedom to focus on their mission, innovate, and obtain the peace of mind that comes with the power of privacy.

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“Collaboration is how data creates value, yet traditional perimeter security is punitive, blocking data access. That’s why the TDF protects the data itself, with persistent control everywhere you share.”

– Will Ackerly, Virtru Co-Founder and CTO

A Better Way to Protect and Share Data

Virtru helps you protect your data when sharing it, both internally and externally. We foster secure collaboration with persistent encryption and access and revocation controls to ensure privacy. Our distributed architecture means you can host your own encryption keys, giving you total access control, rather than blindly trusting third parties. And, through our industry-leading usability, you can begin sharing across environments in minutes.

Persistent Control

Protect data when sharing it

Revoke access, control forwarding and other controls

Audit access and sharing

Key Management

Host your own keys for full control, or let Virtru host them for you

Integrate with your HSM

Industry-Leading Usability

Support your users where they already work

Get up and running in minutes

Share securely across platforms and devices

We help more than 5,000 organizations worldwide protect data wherever it’s created or shared so they can collaborate with confidence.

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