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About Virtru

Today, more than ever, data demands respect.

That's why Virtru gives people, organizations, and developers the power to share sensitive data without sacrificing security, privacy, or ownership.

Our portfolio of data encryption and privacy enhancing applications are remarkably easy to use, fast to implement, affordable for all, and built on the Trusted Data Format (TDF) open standard.

Our Origin Story: Making Military-Grade Security Accessible to All

Virtru’s story starts in the U.S. government, with Will Ackerly working at the NSA and John Ackerly working in the White House.

Will, our CTO, created the Trusted Data Format (TDF), an open and powerful data protection standard embraced by the intelligence community. John, our CEO, was a White House policy advisor during 9/11. Both John and Will independently observed a key unmet need across government agencies: Data was stored in silos, and it was incredibly difficult to share securely.

Data locked away in a silo is wasted potential for unlocking new insights. And when it’s shared too broadly, it creates immense privacy and national security risk. It’s a true conundrum: Public and private organizations alike need a way to share information while maintaining complete control over exactly who can access that information — retaining full control over it at all times.

Leveraging the TDF that Will created, John and Will set out to make powerful, simple data protection accessible to all.

Since its founding in 2011, Virtru has scaled up to empower over 7,000 customers to protect their most valuable asset, their data, with Zero-Trust security and powerful, granular policy controls that tie identity to data, everywhere it moves.

We empower commercial software developers to innovate on TDF using our cloud APIs for Zero Trust Data Control.  Further, we warmly welcome community developers to build upon and contribute to the OpenTDF project.

Respect the People.
Respect the Data.

Our world is increasingly data-centric: Businesses run on data. People make world-changing decisions based on data. Organizations are entrusted with personal health- and identity-related data that they’re responsible for protecting.

That data is often highly sensitive:

Personally identifiable information like social security numbers and home addresses
Intellectual property that gives a company its strategic edge
Sensitive financial information that informs business strategy
Personal health data that must remain private

This data deserves to be respected. But, far too often, it simply isn’t. It’s treated like an arbitrary commodity and not the valuable, vital asset it truly is. 

At Virtru, we firmly believe that, when you respect data, you’re demonstrating respect for the people who own that data. And when you respect people, you’ll respect their data by making sure it remains secure and protected, at all times, across its entire lifecycle.

Respect the people. Respect the data. It sounds simple, but it’s not easy — unless, of course, you use Virtru.



Person at a Desk with a Laptop
People at a Desk

Our Commitment to Customers: Make Security Easy.

We are dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences for our customers and users, helping them unlock the power of data.

With Virtru, end users can protect data without changing anything about their existing workflows: They can encrypt data with the click of a button, directly within the Gmail, Google Workspace, or Microsoft 365 Outlook interface. Our data protection can also run in the background to automatically encrypt sensitive data as it moves in and out of applications, and even in and out of your organization’s network.

Whether your data is shared via email, flowing through a SaaS application, stored in a cloud database, or relayed from a physical sensor device, Virtru can help you protect it.

Want to learn more about how Virtru can equip your business to protect its most sensitive data? Let’s start the conversation.


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