Data-Centric Encryption for SaaS Applications

Protect data coming from applications such as Salesforce, SAP, and Zendesk before that data leaves or enters your network, and from unprotected endpoints, while maintaining complete control and visibility with Virtru’s Data Protection Gateway.

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Private, Compliant Application Workflows to Enhance Engagement

data privacy

Maintain confidentiality for communications including automated workflows.


Support compliance for data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and CCPA

Secure Sharing

Automatically protect internal and external sharing workflows and help prevent human error.

Inbound + Outbound Protection for Data Security, Collaboration, and Control

Virtru automatically protects and controls emails and attachments flowing through custom applications or enterprise SaaS apps.

Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service

Improve customer engagement and service by protecting outbound sales quotes, proposals, and service records, then decrypt inbound customer inquiries so your employees can offer timely service.

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Human Resources Management

Secure recruiting forms, background and credit checks, new hire onboarding workflows, and other HR communications. Decrypt inbound responses to ensure smooth internal processes.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Secure financial reports and other private data sent from ERP, finance, and accounting systems to ensure confidentiality when collaborating with investors and auditors.

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IT Service Management

Encrypt sensitive data that IT service management platforms and ticketing systems exchange, then decrypt inbound requests so your IT teams can quickly resolve outages.

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enterprise applications
Custom Internal Applications

Protect PII, PHI, and any other private data generated and shared externally via custom applications developed in-house.

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enterprise applications
Other Applications

Embed Virtru protection into any application data sharing workflow with our flexible deployment options.

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Data-Centric Protection for Your Application Workflows

With the Virtru Data Protection Gateway, flexible deployment options align with your existing applications, communication workflows, and messaging infrastructure to prevent process disruptions and help you realize the true potential of collaboration.

Encrypting Data Outside Supported Mail Clients

Outbound Encryption protects emails and files before they leave your domain to ensure communications stay compliant, private, and secure.

Inbound Decryption enables plaintext scanning by an app or MTA before it enters your domain for anti-malware, anti-spam, and compliance.

Outbound Decryption and Archiving allow emails to be copied and sent to archives to support eDiscovery and audit reporting processes.

Inbound Encryption secures PII and PHI within incoming messages sent from patients, clients, and partners to support compliance.

Outbound Data Loss Prevention determines what messages get auto-encrypted based on security policies, what can pass without requiring encryption, and what warns (or logs) a potential issue.

Virtru supports threading by attributes in the subject line and Message-ID or references in the email headers by carrying these through encryption processes and ensuring those communications are associated with the same case/ticket/instance.


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