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Tired of legacy file transfer services and their vulnerabilities?

Try Virtru Secure Share.

Whether you're navigating the impacts of the Progress MOVEit Transfer vulnerability or you're just looking for a simple way to share encrypted files, we invite you to try Virtru Secure Share. Our cloud-native secure file transfer solution runs in your browser, doesn't require any software to be installed, and encrypts data client-side upon upload.


3 Reasons to Choose Virtru Secure Share for Encrypted File Transfer

There are a lot of reasons to choose Virtru — but in light of the recent MOVEit Transfer vulnerability, these three are top of mind.

1. Platform Matters

Virtru Secure Share offers a simple way to share large files without needing on-premises servers or manual security patches. The Virtru Platform that hosts Secure Share undergoes regular, independent, third-party audits to validate and demonstrate our commitment to the highest levels of security, including compliance with some of the most rigorous standards such as FedRAMP, SOC 2, and more. Moreover, FIPS 140-2 compliant services that meet military-grade encryption are available for all of Virtru’s products. 

2. Elevated Data Security and File Encryption

Virtru products ensure that you and you alone are the final arbiter of who can decrypt your data. Host your private keys wherever you like, and let Virtru do the rest. From high-volume key exchanges to policy management, with Virtru Private Keystore, your organization can collaborate in the cloud with confidence that your data remains under your control.

3. Control Z for Data Sharing

With Virtru Secure Share, your team can easily share sensitive information with third parties and retain policy control over the files, even after they have left your possession. Granular data controls provide you and your organization complete confidence that your information is safe and secured, whether purposely shared or otherwise.

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Build Trust and Ensure Privacy

A breach of confidentiality can be damaging, both to your organization and your customers — and there could be additional ramifications for any breach of compliance, especially if you are subject to regulations like ITAR, HIPAA, CJIS, and others. Use secure file-sharing tools that ensure privacy and confidentiality of any sensitive information. 

Meet Compliance Regulations

Secure Share's encryption safeguards private data both at rest and in motion, giving you confidence that it's secure at all times. Because information is encrypted on the client side before it's uploaded, data owners can be confident that their data is always under their control, even after it's been shared. 

"Secure Share is the future of a data-centric approach. No matter where [data] moves, it is encrypted. This is the ideal.”

-Scott Ellis, IT Systems Administrator, Michigan Poverty Law Network