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State Government Migrates from MOVEit Transfer to Virtru Secure Share

The impact of the Progress MOVEit Transfer security vulnerability is still reverberating across thousands of organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises, universities, and government organizations. 

For one state government, the MOVEit breach put sensitive files and data in jeopardy, and outages were becoming problematic. They needed a new secure file transfer solution that could be deployed quickly and easily. As part of their due diligence, the state evaluated multiple vendors including Virtru Secure Share and Citrix ShareFile. The state decided to switch from Progress MOVEit to Virtru Secure Share for their new encrypted, managed file transfer solution. 

The Result

With Virtru Secure Share, this state was able to:

  • Quickly deploy a Progress MOVEit alternative to securely exchange large files up to 15 GB
  • Collaborate with internal and external users, without requiring anyone to download new software or create new credentials
  • Allow external users to submit large encrypted files without needing a license of their own

5 Reasons Why Virtru Secure Share Won Out Over Progress MOVEit and Citrix ShareFile

This state government was already experiencing issues with the Progress MOVEit product, with occasional storage outages reducing availability for staff. When news of the Progress MOVEit breach broke, the state found that the vulnerability put sensitive file data at risk of being exposed. 

The state needed to decide whether to stay with MOVEit, choose Citrix ShareFile, or switch to Virtru. Upon evaluating the options, they landed on Virtru Secure Share for several reasons:

  1. Virtru had the best user experience. Virtru Secure Share doesn’t require users to install any unfamiliar software or create new credentials. Users can log in using any browser, with their existing Google or Microsoft credentials. 
  2. Large files up to 15 GB can be quickly and easily encrypted. Those files can be shared among internal users, or between internal and external users. This is critical for collaboration across various state and local organizations, or between constituents or contractors and the state. Those external users don’t need a license of their own: They can upload and share information with the state government users in any browser. 
  3. Data owners retain control. A unique facet of Virtru Secure Share is that it gives the data owner perpetual control over the data they have shared. They can revoke access any time they want, or set an expiration date in the future when access is no longer granted. This gives them greater autonomy and privacy by sharing data on their own terms. So, with Virtru Secure Share you could share sensitive files with third-parties and still retain policy control over the file, even after it’s in a foreign network or device.   Having the ability to revoke access to data after you’ve already shared it with others is a unique and valuable control.
  4. Virtru facilitates real-time collaboration. Virtru Secure Share is a great solution for ad-hoc data sharing needs, whether users need to send files too large to share over email, or they need to share files containing sensitive information that needs an additional layer of security. 
  5. It’s fast and easy to start using. With Virtru Secure Share, there are no manual key exchanges, certificates, or burdensome processes for the senders or recipients of files, like you might see with other managed file transfer providers or with SFTP. You can immediately send a large encrypted file to anyone. 

Discover why more than 10 state governments trust Virtru for data-centric security and easy-to-use encryption: Book a demo with our team to learn more.