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Empowering National Intelligence with Advanced Data Security

Solutions built on Virtru's Data Security Platform enable individuals and organizations to share sensitive data without sacrificing security, control, or privacy.

A national intelligence team shares sensitive information securely.

The Right Intelligence, Shared with the Right People, at the Right Time

Virtru offers best-in-class data-centric security for national intelligence operations. Built upon the Open Trusted Data Format (TDF) standard, the platform guarantees that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information after it has been shared with disparate mission partners.


Automate Data Access Decisions on a Granular Level

Attributes within each file, message, or document are evaluated in real-time to determine who can access data based on need to know.

Share Data Quickly and Maintain Control

Solutions built on Virtru's Data Security Platform enable analysts to collaborate more efficiently and make better decisions.

Break Down Information Silos

Share information with others while always maintaining control.

AFRL Blog Recap

“When it comes to communicating with third-party partners, we believe frictionless collaboration holds the same level of importance as privacy, security, and compliance with governance controls.”

Dr. Dan Berrigan
Lead, Collaborative Tools, AFRL Digital War Room

Confidently Share Sensitive Data Across Domains

Ensure trusted partners have immediate access to all relevant intelligence for informed decision-making.
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Real-Time Collaboration, Secured

Empower teams of analysts to rapidly share files, messages, and documents with trusted partners.


Control Data at Granular Level

Establish granular data access controls to enhance trust and break down barriers to collaboration.


Make Informed Decisions

Share the right data, with the right people, at the right time, and make better decisions with maximum information.

Developer Tools and Flexible Deployment

Virtru provides powerful developer tools and APIs, allowing intelligence agencies and their trusted partners to tailor our Data Security Platform to meet specific needs. 


Integrate with Existing Workflows

Leverage our flexible architecture to integrate data-centric security controls into your existing applications and collaboration workflows.

Develop Your Own Secure Solutions

Empower your developers to extend our platform's functionality. Remove barriers to collaboration by infusing data-centric security control into relevant workflows.

Meet Mission-Specific Criteria

The Data Security Platform is architected to accommodate your mission environment – from a virtual private cloud to a fully air-gapped black site, your team can deploy the platform in nearly any manner necessary to meet your mission criteria.

Virtru Data Security Platform

Virtru Data Security Platform

The Virtru Data Security Platform is designed to be versatile and adaptive, ensuring that your data stays safe, no matter where it resides. 

  • Protect all data types across storage silos
  • Collaborate easily and securely
  • Unify governance of unstructured data
  • Meet rigorous regulatory obligations
  • Revoke and expire data shared with others
  • Deploy easily on-prem or in-cloud

Learn More About the Virtru Data Security Platform

Securely Share Data, Make Better Decisions in Confidence

Virtru's advanced data security solutions help intelligence analysts collaborate securely and make better decisions. Contact us today to schedule a personalized demonstration of our platform.