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Virtru Data Security Platform

Share data and drive value without sacrificing security, privacy, or control

Virtru Data Security Platform

Persistent Data-Centric Security

In the face of today's advanced cyber threats, organizations must operate with the mindset that network perimeters are already compromised. To succeed in this new reality, security leaders must prioritize granular controls and architectures centered on the data itself rather than perimeter-based defenses alone.

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Share Data Securely
Persistent protection travels with data as it's shared inside and outside your perimeter, promoting collaboration while maintaining privacy, governance, and control.

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Enforce Granular Policies

Protect sensitive data that has been shared with others, inside and outside your organization.

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Embrace Open Standards

No vendor lock-in: Virtru’s platform leverages the world’s leading open, secure data standard — the Trusted Data Format (TDF).

Shift Security Architecture Closer to Your Data

The Virtru Data Security Platform provides a comprehensive and adaptable foundation for data-centric security. Built on the open TDF standard, our platform enables your organization to protect sensitive data shared with others.

Dynamically enforce policies at the intersection of attributes on data and identities.

Across applications and workflows, Virtru’s data-centric security solutions unify governance of unstructured and semi-structured data.
Persistent data controls allow you to revoke and expire data, even after sharing with others, regardless of their location. 
Detailed audit telemetry for all events supports even the most stringent compliance obligations.
The Virtru Data Security Platform supports the Zero Trust Data Format (ZTDF) and all variations of the TDF metadata standard.
Deploy on-premises, virtual private cloud, or as a managed SaaS solution.
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Virtru Data Security Platform Architecture

DSP Architecture Diagram

On-Premises / Virtual Private Cloud


Bespoke 3rd Party Apps

Mission Apps






Data Lakes



Secure Share














(Open Source)

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Secure Collaboration and Policy Enforcement – Everywhere, All the Time

Virtru’s solutions seamlessly integrate with your everyday applications — such as email clients, cloud-based enterprise applications, customer support platforms, data lakes, and more. The best part: The Zero Trust security capabilities of the Data Security Platform will be virtually invisible to your team, so they can focus on getting their jobs done.

Native Integration With Your Everyday Apps

Easily Share Sensitive Data With Confidence

Granular policy and persistent security are essential for sharing data in a perimeter-less world.


Protect Data Beyond Your Perimeter

Protect your data everywhere; even after it's been shared with others.


Collaborate Securely with Third Parties

Safely collaborate with external partners while controlling who accesses your data and for how long.


Integrate Seamlessly with Existing Workflows

Infuse granular policy and data-centric security into your favorite apps and existing workflows.

Compete in Highly Regulated Spaces

Strengthen Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to regulatory compliance standards is a top priority for many organizations. Virtru Data Security Platform helps you meet regulatory obligations, ensure data remains secure, and safeguard your organization's data collaborative position.

Accelerate Outcomes Through Precise Data Access Controls

Control access to your most sensitive information by enforcing policy at the intersection of attributes on data and entitlements on identities.

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Fine-Grained Access Control

Leverage ABAC's granular access control superpowers to grant or restrict access to information based on data and entity attributes, such as roles, departments, classifiers, etc.

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Adapt to Changing Circumstances

ABAC dynamically adapts to evolving circumstances, ensuring authorized users can access the data they need or have access instantly revoked when situations change. This enhances your organization's security posture while maintaining mission velocity.

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Maximize Your Data Classification and Tagging Software

Take advantage of attributes from your existing data classification and tagging tools, as well as your identity and access management (IAM) provider.

Flexible Deployment Options

We offer two deployment options for the Virtru Data Security Platform:

The Data Security Platform's self-managed deployment option offers the most comprehensive set of data-centric security capabilities available. In addition to our suite of optional policy enforcement points, a rich set of developer resources is uniquely available, enabling you to extend granular ABAC-based policy control into bespoke mission applications.

Build and Integrate Data-Centric Security Into Your Workflows

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Virtru Developer Experience

Virtru's platform offers a robust developer experience, simplifying the process of extending attribute-based access control into legacy off-the-shelf applications or bespoke mission applications.

Virtru Developer Experience

Built Upon An Open, Trusted Foundation

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The Virtru Data Security Platform extends the capabilities of the open-source OpenTDF project, making it easier to set up, administer, and enforce data-centric policies across your enterprise.

The Trusted Data Format – TDF – is the metadata standard leveraged by the Data Security Platform and is the data-centric security standard trusted by numerous organizations, including the U.S. Intelligence Community, the world’s largest financial institutions, and nearly 7,000 other commercial and public-sector organizations.

TDF is quickly becoming recognized as the Zero Trust data standard.

Trusted Data Format

Discover how seamless it can be to add a layer of data protection across your organization.


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