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Virtru Data Security Platform

A Zero Trust, data-centric security platform that accelerates mission-critical collaboration - ensuring data security, governance, and visibility.

Virtru Data Security Platform

The Virtru Data Security Platform Experience

Data security isn't just about protecting one data type or limiting your collaboration to specific ecosystems. It's about safeguarding all your data, regardless of format or storage location, while maintaining the highest level of control and visibility throughout its lifecycle.

The Virtru Data Security Platform is a versatile and adaptive foundation that ensures your unstructured data stays safe, no matter where it resides or who it's shared with. 

  • Protect all data types across storage silos
  • Collaborate easily and securely
  • Unify governance of unstructured data
  • Meet rigorous regulatory obligations
  • Revoke and expire data shared with others 
  • Deploy easily on-prem or in-cloud

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Let Sensitive Unstructured Data Flow Freely

Experience the power of unstructured data without limitations. With the Virtru Data Security Platform, you can secure any file type and data format across all data silos. A cohesive access control framework spans across all your data, ensuring that you maintain the highest level of governance and security.


Empower Collaboration

Share sensitive unstructured data anywhere with ease without compromising security.


End-to-End Encryption

Protect your data with end-to-end encryption during transit and at rest.


Granular Access Controls

Take control of your data sharing policies with customizable access controls and permissions.

Virtru delivers high fidelity data access management through Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). By enforcing access to your most sensitive information, inspecting both classification of the data itself as well as attributes of the individuals attempting to view it, the Virtru Data Security Platform enforces an unprecedented level of control over data sharing.


Precision Access Management

Leverage ABAC to grant or restrict access to data based on data and entity attributes, such as roles, departments, classifiers, etc.


Adaptive Security

ABAC dynamically adapts to changing circumstances, ensuring authorized users can access the data they need, enhancing your organization's security posture while maintaining mission velocity.


Compliance Made Easy

Virtru helps you meet compliance requirements by enforcing strict access policies, audit trails, and data retention rules.

Build and Integrate Data-Centric Security Into Your Workflows

Man looking at code on computer

Virtru Developer Experience

For developers, integrating security measures into applications can be complex. Virtru's platform offers a robust developer experience, simplifying the process of integrating data centric security into your workflows and applications.

Virtru Developer Experience


Integrate the Virtru Data Security Platform into your applications with a comprehensive collection of SDKs and API examples.


Get started with data centric security. Apply granular access controls, enforce data classification-based access decisions, and implement data partitions.

Developer Support

Enhance application security with documented examples and personalized support.

Safeguard Data in a Connected World


Data Security for Sharing & Collaboration

In today's interconnected world, collaboration is essential for business and mission success. However, sharing sensitive data can pose significant security challenges. Virtru Data Security Platform enables secure sharing and collaboration across disparate points without compromising your data sovereignty.

  • Maintain control while confidently sharing sensitive information
  • Collaborate with internal and external teams in real time
  • Protect your data and integrate security wherever work happens

Compete in Highly Regulated Spaces


A Data Security Platform for Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to regulatory compliance standards is a top priority for many organizations. Virtru Data Security Platform helps you meet regulatory obligations, ensure data remains secure, and safeguard your organization's data collaborative position.

Virtru Security Certifications and Standards
Virtru Compliance Solutions

Set and Enforce Granular Data Controls


360-Degree Data Control

Your data is your most valuable asset, and maintaining control over it is critical. Virtru Data Security Platform provides you with the tools and capabilities to take charge of your data's security.

  • Retain complete ownership of your most sensitive data
  • Control who can access, edit, and share your information
  • Gain comprehensive visibility at every stage, from creation to expiration


Data Access Governance

Effective access governance is vital to maintaining a secure data environment. The Virtru Data Security Platform offers robust Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC) and permissions management to help you establish and enforce access policies.

  • Define and manage granular access controls
  • Ensure that only authorized individuals can view and modify your data
  • Assign roles and permissions and maintain a secure data environment

Deploy Securely, Connected or Air-Gapped

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Flexible Deployment Options

Virtru Data Security Platform is deployed in your own private cloud or data center providing enhanced control, customization, and the ability to deploy internet-connected or air-gapped. This accommodates strict security requirements and offers the flexibility of custom app development and integration with existing infrastructure.

Advanced Data Security for Your Most Critical Missions

Virtru's Data Security Platform streamlines secure data sharing for the defense and intelligence communities, fostering collaboration without compromising control or privacy.



Accelerate mission-critical collaboration

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Share sensitive data without sacrificing security

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Systems Integrators

Build innovative solutions in support of your mission

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Discover how seamless it can be to add a layer of data protection across your organization.


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