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Cloud-Native, Data-Centric Security for Telecom and Software Companies

As your business grows, the amount of data you must protect grows with it. Virtru provides data protection solutions that keep up with your rapid pace of innovation.

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"We were instantly more assured of the security and safety of our practices once we implemented Virtru, and are able to communicate securely without second thought."

Katie M.
Virtru Customer in IT Services Industry

Enterprise Data Security for Zero Trust

From global telecom companies to software startups, Virtru provides data-centric security that scales as your organization grows.

Virtru's easy-to-use email encryption integrates with Gmail and Outlook, making it easy for employees to protect the data they share. It's also easy for recipients: One enterprise Virtru customer reported a 90% decrease in tickets related to email security.  Photo of a woman sending an encrypted email on her cellphone
Virtru's data encryption is FedRAMP authorized and FIPS 140-2 validated, providing military-grade encryption to support the world's toughest compliance standards. That includes ITAR, CMMC, CJIS, GLBA, FTC Safeguards, and more.  Default
Virtru Secure Share provides a simple way to send and receive files too large for email. Whether your creative teams are sharing video files, or your customer support teams need to collect sensitive information for Zendesk ticket resolution, Virtru Secure Share meets you where you work.  
With the Virtru Data Protection Gateway, you can automatically detect and encrypt sensitive information before it leaves your organization - giving you full control over the data across its full life cycle. You can also put decryption workflows in place for archiving and audit purposes. 
Virtru Secure Share integrates with business applications like Confluence and Zendesk to protect sensitive data, so your teams can continue their current workflows. In Zendesk, automatically encrypt support documentation for things like logs and passwords exchanged with customers. In Confluence, encrypt sensitive text inline on pages — like API tokens and credentials — so information can only be viewed by those with a need to know. 
Photo of a woman sending an encrypted email on her cellphone Default

Protect Intellectual Property and Strengthen Compliance

Your data is your competitive advantage: That includes intellectual property, strategic plans, and sensitive information like customer data. Virtru helps you safeguard that valuable information.

Shield Data from Cloud Providers

Encrypt emails and files containing sensitive, private data including PHI, PII, CUI, or intellectual property. With the Virtru Private Keystore, you can also host your own encryption keys to keep data private (even from your cloud provider) and prevent government surveillance. 


Power Innovation with Secure Data Sharing

Virtru makes it easy to collaborate securely with external partners, applying attribute-based access controls to ensure data is only accessed by the right people, at the right time. 

Government Developer Employee

Centrally Manage and Monitor Data Access

Control proprietary data wherever it’s shared with instant access revocation, expiration, disable forwarding, and document watermarking.

Audit who has accessed your data, when, where, and for how long. Integrate with your SIEM to flag unusual activity.

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