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Case Study
Customer Stories

Gerent Chooses Virtru for Easy Encryption in the Midst of Expansion

Gerent is a leading Salesforce consulting and implementation partner extending across the manufacturing, travel & hospitality, healthcare, insurance, and education industries. Using Virtru email encryption in Google Workspace, they’re able to maintain ISO compliance, secure internal exchanging of sensitive data, and strengthen relationships with their customers.

The Result:

With Virtru, Gerent is able to: 

  • Achieve compliance with several stringent regulations, including ISO 27001 and CMMI, leveraging Virtru encryption for Google Workspace.
  • Protect customer information, including personally identifiable information (PII), and HIPAA-protected health data. 
  • Easily roll out encryption to its growing workforce, knowing that it’s easy to extend Virtru licenses across their team as the business scales
  • Build momentum with a data protection solution that prioritizes ease of use and interoperability. Regardless of whether Gerent’s clients and business partners use Microsoft or Google, they can all seamlessly share and easily access secure information.

Streamline Operations and Build Trust With Encryption

As a Salesforce implementation platform, Gerent sits between several stakeholders at the start of any given project. As part of the project kickoff stage, Gerent often receives PII or financial information. With Virtru’s Google Workspace Encryption plugin, clients can trust that Gerent is vigilant about protecting sensitive financial information. There’s no need for their external partners to download extra software to communicate, and they also have the ability to encrypt their messages in response. 

“There are financial institutions that we work with that would insist on encryption services. They often provide their own because those institutions have their own tools,” says Will Shu, CIO of Gerent. But, not every client has an encryption platform in place — which is where Virtru comes in. Virtru brings encryption directly into the email workflow, so employees and clients can share information without navigating to other portals or losing momentum. Being proactive about encryption with an easy service like Virtru usually gives Gerent a leg up, and builds trust right away. 

“Us offering Virtru as a vehicle to be able to send information, allows this information to go through more easily,” said Shu. “It went from, ‘I don't know if I should send this,’ to ‘OK, no problem. I understand that you have a secure email communication platform and I feel safe sending that now.’”

Scale Up Data Protection As the Business Grows

Gerent is a small but mighty Salesforce consulting powerhouse whose growth has materialized through their Summit partnership with Salesforce, and the development and acquisition of new companies such as Riverstrong. In addition to protecting client information, Gerent also uses Virtru internally to secure HR and accounting communications and uses the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and encrypted email revocation features. 

Securing the data means ensuring more growth for Gerent–a team effort that Virtru makes easier for all Gerent employees who use the tool.

“If you've been in IT for a while, you implement many new system technologies, rules, compliance, security. And everything that you do usually pisses somebody off, right?” said Shu. “And people just seem to have hooked on to Virtru pretty easily. It's part of email. You click, flip it on, and it just goes. The simplicity of it all was what we really liked about it.”

Support Compliance In Multiple Areas: CMMI and ISO 27001  

Compliance is a top priority for Gerent, as they’re in the process of building out a robust profile of global security certifications, including CMMI-DEV and 9000, 20000, 27001, and 27701. In 2019, they cemented their dedication through a partnership with ComplianceQuest, as their sole Salesforce consultation and implementation partner for all manufacturing-based EQMS solutions. 

In their quest for compliance, Gerent found Virtru. Virtru’s Google Workspace encryption helped them gain ISO 27001 compliance by encrypting data both in motion and at rest without the hassle. It’s a fast and seamless option for deploying encryption in support of compliance certifications—without complicating daily operations.

Respect the People. Respect the Data. 

In their search to find an encryption tool that was right for them, System Engineer Devin Zheng reached out to multiple providers who either didn’t respond or would only deploy encryption services for companies over a certain amount of seats. 

At Virtru, seat numbers don’t matter. We believe that sustainable growth is rooted in trust, and that protecting data is essential to every business, whether it’s two people or 20,000. Our mission, as proven by Gerent’s use case, is to give people and companies control of their own data. In turn, they are empowered to protect and respect their own customers’ data, building a brighter future for digital privacy. 

About Gerent

Gerent is a leading Salesforce Summit consulting and implementation partner. With over 1,000 implementations, the agility of a mid-sized firm, and the capabilities of a large integrator, they offer a one-stop shop for Salesforce transformation needs. 

About Riverstrong

Riverstrong is a progressive North American managed services provider with a passion for people and doing IT better. Its mission is to reinvent the IT managed services landscape by providing personalized IT solutions that organizations across industries can trust.