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Virtru Data Protection Gateway

Automated Email & SaaS Encryption

Automatically secure sensitive data shared via email, unprotected endpoints, and SaaS apps like Salesforce and Zendesk without disrupting workflows.

Virtru Data Protection Gateway UI

Data-Centric Protection for Email and Application Workflows

Virtru Data Protection Gateway smoothly fits into your current SaaS apps, protecting against data breaches and boosting your team's collaboration to its fullest potential.

Protect emails and files before they leave your domain to help communications stay compliant, private, and secure. Plus, secure PII and PHI within incoming messages sent from patients, clients, and partners to maintain support for compliance requirements.

Virtru Data Protection Gateway

Avoid the pitfalls of under/over encryption with DLP options to fit your needs. Leverage Regex and DLP rule packs to identify consistent data patterns with ready-made or custom detectors.

Virtru Protection Gateway

Virtru TDF protection follows your data wherever it travels, enabling your users to maintain control over their data even after it has left your organization.

Image of the Virtru Control Center

Easily archive emails for eDiscovery and compliance. Advanced analytics give administrators  a clear view of data sharing trends to make informed security decisions.

Virtru Data Protection Gateway Audit

Automatically decrypt incoming emails before they enter your domain, allowing your mail system to scan for spam or malware and deliver as usual, giving users a completely seamless experience.

Virtru Data Protection Gateway Decrypt
Virtru Data Protection Gateway Virtru Protection Gateway Image of the Virtru Control Center Virtru Data Protection Gateway Audit Virtru Data Protection Gateway Decrypt

Protecting You Where You Already Are

Virtru automatically protects and controls emails and attachments flowing through custom applications or enterprise SaaS apps.

Woman holding her baby, talking to a doctor
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“Virtru helps us maintain HIPAA compliance within new and existing communication platforms, while providing an incredibly easy experience for our patients. Our Virtru integration with Salesforce supports seamless, secure exchange of PHI without interrupting existing processes.”

Steven Schwartzberg
IT Director, Tribeca Pediatrics

Virtru Data Protection Gateway Pairs Well With:


Virtru for Microsoft 365

Safeguard your messages and attachments in both Outlook for desktop and Microsoft 365. Virtru seamlessly integrates, offering an elegant blend of security within Microsoft Outlook.

Virtru for Microsoft 365

Virtru for Google Workspace

Your organization holds a wealth of sensitive data in Google Workspace. With Virtru, ensure this critical information remains private and protected throughout your Google environment.

Virtru for Google Workspace

Virtru Private Keystore

It's your data. Let's keep it that way. Take complete ownership of your encrypted cloud data. Host your private keys wherever you like. Let Virtru do the rest, from high volume key exchanges to policy management.

Virtru Private Keystore

Easy, Affordable Zero Trust Security

Deploy Virtru today, and equip your teams to share data confidently and securely.


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