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Data Centric
Security for Microsoft SharePoint

Share files with confidence and complete control


Share, Protect and Control

Virtru for Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to share and protect files within SharePoint. With granular policy controls and enforcement via inspection of data and user attributes, you maintain full visibility and control over sensitive assets. The best part: Virtru’s Zero Trust security capabilities will be virtually invisible to your team, so they can focus on getting their jobs done.

Accelerate Outcomes Through Precise Data Access Controls


Enforce Precise Data Governance

Virtru for SharePoint leverages Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC) to deliver granular access control, using data and identity elements such as roles, departments, classifiers, and more to grant or restrict access to your files.


Deliver Dynamic, Data-Centric Security

Automatically adjust policy enforcement based on changes to data classification, user location, role updates, and more, keeping your data secure and compliant.


Maximize Your Data Classification & Tagging Efforts

Take advantage of attributes from your existing data classification and tagging tools, as well as your identity and access management (IAM) provider.

Total Control Over Shared Files

Revoke Access

Maintain the ability to revoke access to shared files, both within and outside your organizational boundaries, giving you unprecedented control over your shared data.

Control File Visibility

Users without required entitlements cannot see files stored in SharePoint Document Libraries, ensuring your organization’s sensitive data remains protected even in shared environments.

Audit and Monitor

Gain comprehensive insight into file access, file sharing, and potential data tampering activities, ensuring full transparency, audibility, and protection.

Seamless Integration and Usability

Extend Document Library access and collaboration with users in other domains with Zero Trust access controls, without compromising on security or performance.

Safeguard your most critical data by leveraging Virtru for SharePoint's built-in optional data encryption, adding an extra layer of security to your sensitive documents.

With the Trusted Data Format (TDF), you can enforce policies on downloaded files anywhere they go. Our open standard's built-in protections ensure access control.

No new user training. Virtru for SharePoint integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum productivity.

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Virtru for SharePoint Pairs Well With:

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Virtru for Microsoft 365

Safeguard your messages and attachments in both Microsoft Outlook for desktop and Microsoft 365. Virtru seamlessly integrates, offering an elegant blend of security within Microsoft Outlook.

Virtru for Microsoft 365
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Virtru Data Protection Gateway

Virtru's server-side data protection can be configured to meet the needs of your organization, adding a valuable safety net to automatically encrypt data moving through email and SaaS apps.

Virtru Data Protection Gateway

Discover how seamless it can be to add a layer of data protection across your organization.


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