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Case Study
Customer Stories

Screen Engine/ASI Depends on Virtru to Proactively Demonstrate Their Commitment to Data Security and Client Privacy

“In the media industry, data privacy is non-negotiable, not only for compliance’s sake but because it’s the right thing to do for our clients. With Virtru, we can easily prove to our clients and partners that they can trust us to uphold the privacy of their most sensitive data.”
- Idan Elbaz, IT Director, Screen Engine/ASI

Screen Engine/ASI is a research and analytics firm with an emphasis on big data focused on maximizing market potential while assessing risk for clients in the entertainment and media spaces. We spoke with Idan Elbaz, IT Director at Screen Engine/ASI, to learn why he and his team selected Virtru as their data security and privacy solution to protect their most sensitive data—including confidential client data, company financials, and employee PII—shared via Outlook. With Virtru, Screen Engine/ASI was able to:

  • Proactively demonstrate their commitment to upholding client privacy.
  • Eliminate the headache of dealing with compliance concerns.
  • Establish a competitive advantage in the industry and boost clients’ trust and loyalty.

Protecting clients’ privacy while meeting compliance requirements

“In recent years, the media industry has continuously emphasized the need for privacy. The amount of intellectual property flowing throughout the industry makes it a prime target for breaches. As a partner to media and entertainment companies, we take the responsibility of safeguarding their data incredibly seriously.

“After GDPR was introduced in 2018, followed by the CCPA in 202 0, data security quickly became a non-negotiable for media and entertainment companies and organizations like ours. Fortunately, Screen Engine/ ASI was ahead of the regulatory curve. We already knew we needed a data protection solution to assure our clients that we are committed to maintaining the privacy of their data. I found Virtru at a tradeshow and haven’t looked back since.

“With Virtru, we are confident that when we share sensitive data—such as confidential client data, employee PII, company financials, and even internal logins and passwords—it is not at risk of being exposed, and it meets the compliance requirements set forth by the GDPR, CCPA, and industry regulatory bodies. Most importantly, though, Virtru has given us a significant advantage over our competitors because our clients see not only that we take their privacy seriously but also that our security solution is straightforward to use.”

A competitive advantage in the media industry

“Our clients come to us with the expectation that, at a minimum, we have adequate security measures in place to protect their data. Many specifically ask how we can share files with them securely. What they don’t always expect, though, is the ease of use. With Virtru, clients are often surprised at how easy it is to send a secure, end-to-end encrypted email; no portal login or password required.

“To be a leader in the industry means focusing not only on what we do but how we do it. That extends to our security program as well. For example, if a compliance auditor comes in and examines what we do in terms of email encryption, it is easy for me to prove that how we encrypt our emails is truly best in class. Virtru’s features give us a leg up on compliance, our competitors, and boosting customer trust and loyalty.”

Reliable features for enhanced security

“Virtru’s features address both internal and external data security risks. Internally, a simple click of a button in Outlook is all it takes to ensure that sensitive data is protected with Virtru’s end-to-end encryption. If a user forgets to turn Virtru on when sharing something sensitive, a reminder pops up, eliminating human error.

“When sharing sensitive documents and data externally, we rely heavily on Virtru’s watermarking feature to help deter recipients from leaking sensitive documents. The ability to see who has opened an email and revoke access, if needed, is also incredibly important. Of course, as client projects evolve and wrap up, the sharing permissions must also evolve.

“We also knew we needed to get our clients on board. Without their trust in the solution, the data is at risk. Virtru gives us the ability to customize and tailor the delivery of emails so that clients know the email they are receiving is coming from us. This helps us maintain our credibility and establish trust with clients in an industry that is rightfully protective over their data.”