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Case Study
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NEXT Insurance Gains Speed and Security with Virtru

“One of our company values is to dare to simplify. We were looking for a solution that could easily scale as we grow and was also easy for our customers to use. That’s why Virtru is absolutely ideal for us.”
Ram Avrahami, Head of Global IT and IS for NEXT

NEXT is transforming small business insurance with simple, digital and affordable coverage tailored to the self-employed. The company prides itself on delivering simple and efficient solutions to both its employees and customers. A one-stop shop insurance provider, it enables small businesses to easily obtain coverage in a matter of minutes, rather than the days it might otherwise take. Whether customers are submitting details for a workers’ compensation claim, payment information, or sensitive financial information, NEXT needed a solution to easily and securely transmit customer data while ensuring compliance.

  • Speed up communications with customers with Virtru’s plugin for Gmail, which enables insurance advisors to quickly send and receive documentation from customers.
  • Protect sensitive data across the enterprise by ensuring every employee has a Virtru license and understands the importance of encryption.
  • Cut down on inbound support questions from employees and customers, thanks to Virtru’s ease of use in creating and sending encrypted emails.
  • Meet HIPAA and other compliance needs for insurance claims that contain personal health information.
  • Implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules to automatically encrypt the company’s most sensitive data by default.
Making It Easier to Communicate with Customers

One of the ways NEXT differentiates itself is by providing phenomenal service through its dedication to speed and efficiency. With Virtru Gmail encryption, NEXT can quickly send and receive sensitive data from small business owners with the confidence that their information remains secure at all times. Those emails are also easily accessed and opened by customers.

“With Virtru, we feel much more comfortable when sending emails containing sensitive data to customers. Additionally, we love the option to be able to revoke a message, or disable downloading for an extra layer of security.”

With Virtru, insurance advisors can supplement a phone conversation with a secure email exchange, so customers get the person-to-person conversation they want, and NEXT gets the documentation it needs.

For Avrahami, it was important to easily implement Virtru, but also ensure that their insurance advisors and customers could secure and access emails easily. “I wanted to avoid tools that are complicated and difficult to use from the client side,” he said. “We’ve found Virtru to be the best solution for ease of use and simplicity.”

“The most important thing for us is providing an optimized, frictionless experience for our teams that also lowered our incoming call volume. When it comes to sending and receiving Virtru emails, it just makes sense for both our teams and our customers.” This enables Avrahami and his team to spend time on other high-importance projects with the confidence that their users are comfortable with Virtru’s secure email capabilities.

With Virtru, Avrahami and his team were able to implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules in minutes. “I speak from experience: DLP is messy, it’s hard to configure, and it requires a lot of fine tuning,” Avrahami said. “With Virtru, that’s not the case. We just configure the keywords, use the built-in DLP filters, and just let it run. It took less than three minutes to configure, and it just simply worked. This was a huge differentiator between Virtru and other DLP tools.”

Encryption and Data Loss Prevention for All

Recently, NEXT increased its usage of Virtru and purchased licenses for every employee in the company. “We want everyone to have the ability to protect the files they’re sending. At some point, everybody in the company will need to share something sensitive—maybe not daily, maybe not weekly—but eventually, they’ll need to. Say for example, you want to send something that includes an attachment you want to protect, or you’re sending an email with sensitive information that contains the DLP keywords. We want to make it easy for these types of emails to be automatically encrypted.”

For more information on how Virtru can help you achieve your secure data sharing objectives, please contact us today.
About NEXT Insurance

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, NEXT provides simple, digital, customized and affordable insurance coverage to small businesses. NEXT utilizes AI and machine learning to simplify the purchasing process and drive down costs compared to traditional policies.