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Virtru Private Keystore

Take Complete Ownership of Your Encrypted Data

Host your private encryption keys anywhere and collaborate with total confidence that your data remains under your control.



Collaborate in the Cloud Without Sacrificing Privacy

Enjoy the benefits of cloud collaboration platforms like Google and Microsoft 365 — without having to hand over your data. 
Virtru Private Keystore gives you complete, persistent, and flexible control of who can access your sensitive information — shielding your data from Google, Microsoft, and even Virtru.

  • Low-cost cloud data control 
  • Ensures and safeguards data sovereignty 
  • Helps you meet regulatory obligations like ITAR, CMMC 2.0, CJIS, and more
  • Supports Google Gmail S/MIME and Google Workspace CSE


Flexible Hosting Options

Choose where to store your private keys while Virtru handles the complexity of policies and double-key exchanges for you.

Virtru Private Keystore supports:

  • Public or Private Cloud
  • Private or co-hosted data centers
  • Hardware security module (HSM)


“We want to make sure no other parties can access our email content. So, by having the keys managed on premises, we believe it adds an additional level of security and control.”

Alfonso Razzi
CIO, Toto Holding Group

Why Host Your Own Encryption Keys?

Encrypt cloud-hosted data and store the private keys anywhere you like. Gain full control of who can access your data and support regulatory and data sovereignty requirements.

Support data protection and residency requirements for even the strictest compliance regulations, including CJIS, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, ITAR, CMMC 2.0, and more.

Strengthen privacy by ensuring any request to access data (including a government subpoena) has to come to your organization — not through your cloud provider or any other third party.

Take full control of your keys. With Virtru Private Keystore, there’s no need to trust third parties like Microsoft, Google, or even Virtru with access to your unencrypted data.

Maintain visibility over all encryption key exchanges and policies, all in one place. Integrate with your SIEM for insights that strengthen threat response and compliance workflows.

Deploy Virtru Private Keystore quickly with Docker containers to align with your existing IT and key management infrastructure and achieve enterprise-scale implementations with low overhead.


Better Together: Virtru Private Keystore for Google Workspace

Make data sovereignty simple with a longtime, trusted Google partner. The Virtru Private Keystore supports Google Workspace CSE and Gmail S/MIME, allowing you to improve your security posture by hosting your own private keys away from Google's reach.

Virtru Private Keystore for Google Workspace

Protect your content in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. Virtru is a leading encryption key management partner for Google Workspace Client Side Encryption (CSE). Unlike other partners, Virtru lets you independently encrypt your Google-hosted data and apply automatic access controls based on your custom labels.

Learn more about Virtru Private Keystore

Virtru Private Keystore for Gmail S/MIME (Gmail CSE)

Manage your own keys to safeguard Gmail messages and attachments. Whether you use Virtru for Gmail or Google Client-Side Encryption (CSE) for Gmail with S/MIME, we can ensure your keys remain under your control.

Learn more about Virtru Private Keystore for S/MIME

Virtru Private Keystore for Your Everyday Workflows

Safeguard sensitive data stored and shared in business applications your organization uses every day — from Microsoft 365 to SaaS apps and beyond.

Woman and Man looking at internal computer server

Virtru Private Keystore for Microsoft Outlook

Host your own keys to protect your Outlook messages and attachments. Take Outlook security a step further by keeping data private in Microsoft 365.

Virtru Private Keystore
People meeting in a conference room

Virtru Private Keystore for Secure Share

From tax forms to mortgage applications and student records, our customers manage a wealth of sensitive data with Virtru Secure Share. Manage your own keys for an added layer of control and ownership.

Virtru Private Keystore
Man works at his laptop in a home office

Virtru Private Keystore for Data Protection Gateway

Protect data that flows through automated server-side encryption and decryption workflows via the Virtru Data Protection Gateway. This secure, automated encryption runs behind the scenes, with no impact on the user experience.

Virtru Private Keystore

Ready to see what Virtru Private Keystore can do for your organization?


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