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Virtru Developer Experience

Simplify the process of integrating data centric security into your mission critical workflows.

Developer Experience


Building Trust in Every Line of Code

Integrating security measures into your applications shouldn't be complex or daunting. Virtru Data Security Platform is designed to offer you an extensive developer experience that simplifies the process of integrating data centric security into your workflows and applications.

Developer Use Cases

Data Classification

Simplify the complexity of data classification, allowing you to organize and prioritize information for enhanced security, efficiency, and granular control.

Access Control

Fine-tune access privileges and permissions with Virtru's granular access control, giving you complete control over who can access your sensitive data.


Gain valuable insights and maintain compliance with Virtru's audit API, providing comprehensive visibility into data access and usage no matter where data goes throughout its lifecycle.

Cloud Data Protection and Compliance

Easily add end-to-end encryption to data stored in public clouds while ensuring continuous compliance with changing regulations.

Data Protection for IoT Devices

Add cryptographically enforced access controls to files and data streaming between IoT devices, with near-zero latency. Local policy enforcement and ABAC prevents sensitive data from ending up in wrong hands.

Secure File Transfer

Augment your current file sharing solution and/or workflows with end-to-end data protection and continuous control and visibility. Protect shared sensitive files even after they’ve left your environment.

End User Privacy Protection

Collect end-user data in forms, portals, or devices while protecting and tracking the data regardless of how or where it is shared. Easily comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CMMC, and more.

Compliance Process Automation

Secure robotic process automation (RPA) based workflows to ensure that sensitive data shared within and outside the organization has the appropriate levels of encryption and policy controls.

Stronger Data Security, Anywhere

Sensitive data lives and travels everywhere. Our flexible SDK options support a wide range of use cases, thanks to the versatility of the Trusted Data Format (TDF).

Secure Deployment

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Host in your own cloud or data center - providing enhanced control, customization, and the ability to deploy internet-connected or air-gapped. This can accommodate strict security requirements and offers the flexibility of custom app development and API access for seamless integration with existing infrastructure and unique business needs.



Data Centric Security At Its Core

Leverage OpenTDF - an open-source, foundational data centric platform used to build and integrate perpetual data control into your new and existing applications.

OpenTDF helps developers get up and running with the Trusted Data Format (TDF) with examples and a core installation via a quickstart.
Take control of data security with:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Granular access controls
  • Data classification
  • Secure data partitions


End-to-End Encryption

Secure sensitive data with end-to-end and object-level encryption that keeps data protected and under the data owner’s control, wherever it’s created or shared.

Granular Access Control

Define who can access your data down to the finest detail, ensuring data is only available to authorized individuals or groups.

Data Classification

Enforce security based on the sensitivity of the data, guaranteeing appropriate access to different data types.

Data Movement

Safeguard data integrity by isolating data with attributes and Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs) for individual projects and apps, preventing unauthorized data access, while still enabling data movement.


Product Pages_API SDK

Building Blocks for Secure Applications

Integrate the Vitru Data Security Platform using our comprehensive collection of SDKs and API examples for on-premises. We provide you with the tools you need to seamlessly incorporate robust security measures into your applications, reducing development time and ensuring data protection.

Streamlined Integration

Integrate our security platform into your apps, ensuring strong protection without compromising user experience.

Efficient Development

Save valuable development hours with our well-documented SDKs and easy-to-follow API examples.

Customizable Solutions

Tailor security protocols to your application's needs using our flexible deployment and SDK options.

Developer Support

Platform-Page-Images_Dev Support

Your Partner in Application Security

Enhance your application security confidently with our robust developer support. Gain access to an array of documented examples and optional, personalized assistance, ensuring that your journey towards integrating data centric security is smooth and successful.

Comprehensive Documentation

Our documentation offers insights and step-by-step instructions for implementing security measures effectively.

Expert Assistance

Enjoy optional, personalized support from our team of experts, ready to help you every step of the way.

Best Practices Guidance

Benefit from our experience and industry best practices to make informed decisions about your application's security architecture.

Secure Policy Points

Build Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs) that enforce policies and Policy Decision Points (PDPs) responsible for making the decision about granting access.

Policy Enforcement Points

Craft personalized PEPs that align perfectly with your application's requirements and gain the flexibility to enforce precise actions. Whether it's blocking unauthorized access, allowing to send, or implementing other security measures, you can make sure that your application operates in accordance with your exact needs and security policies.

Policy Decision Points

Design PDPs tailored to your unique security needs, workflows, and regulatory obligations. Personalized PDPs grant you the capability to make nuanced decisions and provide you with the flexibility to precisely craft your security policies. By doing so, you ensure that your application operates in alignment with your precise security requirements and regulatory mandates, offering robust protection and compliance assurance.

Deliver Secure Solutions with Virtru

Schedule a personalized demonstration to see how Virtru can help you build secure applications to achieve mission objectives.


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