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Financial Services

Data-Centric Security for Financial Services

If you're in the financial services industry, you have significant data security requirements to meet — from GLBA compliance to FTC Safegaurds Rule and beyond. 

With Virtru, you can make sure your clients' financial data remains protected, everywhere it moves — while making it easily accessible to your clients when they need it most. 

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Banking with Virtru

Data Protection for Banks and Financial Firms

Financial services institutions are responsible for sensitive data that demands privacy, including personally identifiable information (PII) on investor and banking customers and corporate intellectual property (IP). Sharing this data through new digital workflows and customer engagement models exposes it to potential data loss, putting customer privacy, compliance, and your competitive advantage at risk.

Virtru provides commercial and investment banks, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and other financial institutions, with data-centric security to maintain the privacy of confidential corporate and client data, wherever it is shared.


Protect Digital Workflows

Safeguard data flowing through your organization's digital workflows for gathering documents and communicating with clients and partners — whether it's a mortgage application, a tax return, or a updated will. 

Build and Maintain Trust

Improve customer engagement and trust by enabling sharing and collaboration workflows that put control in the hands of the data owner. 

Strengthen GLBA, PCI, and FTC Compliance

Leverage easy-to-use encryption and flexible access controls to maintain compliance with PCI, GLBA, FFIEC, GDPR, CCPA, and more.

More than 8,000 customers trust Virtru for data security and privacy protection.


"Virtru works effectively and quickly to secure customer data in email communications. We use it daily for clients to send tax information. It is very quick and allows me to maintain organization. I like how easy it is to turn on when sending emails, and how clients are not required to make an account." 

-Virtru Customer in the Financial Services Industry

Unlock Private, Compliant Digital Workflows

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Financial Data Compliance

End-to-end encryption prevents unauthorized access to email and files containing sensitive financial records and corporate data to maintain privacy and compliance with GLBA, PCI, CFPA, CCPA, FTC Safeguards, and other regulations.


Easy for Clients and Team Members

A seamless user experience ensures broad adoption. End-to-end encryption and access controls are embedded where your employees, admins, clients, and partners already work.


Accelerate Efficiency

Unlock new collaboration workflows between employees, partners and clients, powering innovation and enabling new banking experiences to drive growth.

Keep Sensitive Financial Data Secure and Under Your Control


Strengthen Compliance & Privacy in Email Communications

Encrypt emails, client communications, sensitive documents, or any other file type containing PII or confidential, regulated data.

Virtru’s end-to-end encryption streamlines compliance with privacy regulations by keeping data truly private and preventing leaks.

Host your own encryption keys for even greater control over sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access, including by your cloud provider.

Encrypted File Transfer for Banks and Tax Preparers


Achieve business alignment and deliver a seamless customer experience with Virtru’s secure file transfer capability, which enables digital workflows such as:

  • Securely requesting customer ID and verification for Know Your Customer programs
  • Receiving general loan or mortgage paperwork from lenders
  • Collecting financial documents such as reports, mergers and acquisitions, and loans from multiple organizations
  • Receiving insurance information from clients for claim requests and substantiations
Virtru Secure Share for Salesforce
A screenshot of Virtru's audit capabilities including allowed users and the ability to revoke

Maintain Control & Persistent Visibility

With Virtru, you have the advantage of data-centric security that safeguards data at the object level, everywhere it moves — without reducing speed, efficiency, or security.

The Virtru Advantage for Financial Organizations 

  • Enable secure sharing across distributed teams and with partners & clients with attribute-based access controls (ABAC).
  • Control sensitive data wherever it’s shared with instant access revocation, expiration, disable forwarding, and document watermarking capabilities.
  • Configure DLP rules that scan emails and attachments to detect confidential data or PII, then automatically enforce protection that persists throughout collaboration workflows to keep communications private.
  • View who has accessed your data, when, where, and for how long to streamline compliance audits. Integrate with your SIEM for advanced threat analysis.
  • Give customers and employees easy-to-use data protection, integrated within your existing applications.
  • Avoid the complexities and headaches of S/MIME and SFTP solutions with easy-to-use, transparent security tools.
  • Enable seamless access for clients and other authorized recipients, without requiring new accounts, passwords, or software, for sharing workflows that support rapid collaboration that boosts client engagement and growth.

Financial Services Data Encryption Resources

See how Virtru helps global banks, tax preparers, and financial organizations strengthen compliance and safeguard client data. 

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