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FERPA Compliant Email & Data Security for Educational Institutions

Effectively protect and control student PII and PHI to maintain compliance and data security requirements.

The Easiest Way to Share Student Data Securely

Virtru helps educational institutions modernize security and keep up with data privacy laws and regulations by ensuring student PII is protected, inside and outside your organization.

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The Easiest Way to Share Student Data Securely

Virtru helps educational institutions modernize their security to keep up with data privacy laws and regulations by ensuring sensitive PII is protected, inside and outside your organization. Integrating seamlessly with Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices, Virtru fits within your current infrastructure so that within minutes you can ensure FERPA and HIPAA compliant email and file workflows.

  • End-to-end email and file encryption with one click.
  • Persistent protection for student data.
  • No additional accounts or software needed for recipients.

What is FERPA?

FERPA, an acronym for The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, is a federal law that grants rights to parents to have access to their children’s educational records. FERPA also awards parents control over the disclosure of PII (personally identifiable information) as well as the right to request amendment to some records.

FERPA Data Protection for Students

Full Visibility and Control Wherever Student PII is Shared

Virtru offers persistent protection that puts control over student data back in your hands.


Protect Student Privacy

Using the interoperable, open standard Trusted Data Format (TDF), Virtru provides end-to-end encryption for FERPA compliant email and access controls that protect PII, PHI, disciplinary reports and other sensitive data, wherever it is shared.


Control Shared Data

Revoke or expire access to email, disable forwarding even after data is opened or shared, and automatically watermark confidential attachments. Implement DLP rules to automatically apply controls to any email containing sensitive data.


Audit Unstructured Data

Granular audit trails let you see where sensitive data is shared and revoke access at any time. Virtru provides full visibility into who has accessed or forwarded emails for seamless FERPA, and HIPAA, audits, and SIEM integrations improve threat remediation workflows.


Built for Modern Educational Institutions

Deploy and Implement Quickly

Get rapid time-to-value with deployments that seamlessly integrate Virtru with your existing workflow. Virtru supports quick enablement for your users, plus you can detect and protect emails and files sent from any connected device, even if users haven’t installed Virtru.

Provide Seamless User Experiences

Support users where they already work by leveraging existing email workflows in Gmail, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 Outlook. Enable parents, guardians, and other external recipients to easily access information: They don't need to install Virtru or create any new accounts. 

Easily Collect and Share Student Records

With Virtru Secure Share, schools can give parents and guardians a secure way to submit things like medical records, IEPs, or transcripts for their students. Staff and faculty can also use Secure Share to send encrypted files to external parties. 

Stock-Higher Education

“With Virtru, we found a solution that met our security and compliance requirements, was easy enough to ensure widespread adoption and gave us the audit and control features we wanted.”

Mark Dieterich
Director of IT and Security, Brown University

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