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Easily Protect Student PII to Maintain Compliance and Data Privacy Requirements

Protect and Control Student PII, Wherever It’s Shared

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  • Ensure Compliance and Privacy
  • Works in G Suite and Google Drive

Virtru helps educational institutions modernize their security to keep up with data privacy laws and regulations by ensuring sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) is protected – inside and outside your organization.

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“Virtru has improved our email security posture pretty dramatically. With security products, you always have to worry about user adoption, but Virtru is so easy to use that this hasn’t been an issue.”

Mark Dieterich, Director of IT and Security, Brown University

39 States Have Passed 113 Student Data Privacy Laws Since 2013

Despite this, educational institutions continue to be prime targets for breaches, exposing student health records, grades, and loan information – a growing concern for legislators and student privacy advocates.

Virtru helps educational institutions conquer today’s leading challenge – data protection – by securely sharing student, faculty, and administration data securely, easily, and in full compliance with FERPA and other laws and regulations.

Integrated with the applications you already use like Gmail, Google Drive, and Microsoft Outlook, educational organizations use Virtru to share sensitive data with confidence and ease, gaining the following benefits:


Prevent unwanted access to student PII (health info, disciplinary reports, and other sensitive data) by encrypting content before it leaves the device.


Use pre-built rules or configure your own to check for personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive content, and automatically encrypt data before it leaves the sender’s device.


Provide insight on when and where sensitive information is accessed or shared. Revoke access, control forwarding, and use other access control features.

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Students’ Privacy is Increasingly Important Due to the Proliferation of Data

State by state, legislation like COPPA continues to strengthen the requirements educational institutions must meet to protect their students.

Other states such as New York, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, and Delaware have similar legislation with hefty fines for violations of the law.

Secure, Compliant PII Sharing and Protection

At Virtru, we understand that making PII accessible is the key to delivering better services for students, but sharing it increases compliance risks. Virtu was designed to help unlock the value of PII by enabling compliant sharing workflows, with persistent protection and granular access controls that ensure student privacy.

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