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Virtru + Carahsoft: Back to School: Preparing for a year for Safeguarding Student Data

Newfield Central School District
“Helping students and our communities understand that ‘If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.' With everything that’s free from the internet you’re trading something. Its not really free, and they [need to] understand their rights to privacy.”

Sunshine Miller

Director of Technology, Newfield Schools

Virtru + Carahsoft: Back to School: Preparing for a year for Safeguarding Student Data

Tuesday, September 26, 2023



Carahsoft and Virtru come together to host an industry-specific conversation that seeks to unravel the intricate intersection of technology advancement and cybersecurity in the K-12 education landscape. As innovative technologies propel students to unprecedented academic success, they also unfurl a complex web of new cybersecurity threats. The heightened need to safeguard student privacy has emerged as a pivotal issue for school districts nationwide, demanding a concerted effort from all education stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, community members, school board members, and state legislators. 

This discussion features Troy Lunt, Technology Director & Data Privacy Manager at Iron County Schools (Utah); Matthew Faul, Application Manager at Oakland County Schools (Michigan); and Sunshine Miller, Director of Technology, Newfield Schools (New York). Together, they will delve into best practices and confront the multifaceted challenges, risks, and emerging trends they face in their ongoing endeavor to fortify their schools' cybersecurity stance.