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Secure File Sharing that Builds Unique Trust

What sets Virtru apart from other file-sharing platforms? The ability to extend full data privacy and control to the data owner, at all times. With Virtru Secure Share, you get the files you need quickly and easily, and your collaborators maintain control of their data, including the ability to revoke access. As a result, everyone moves at a heightened speed of collaboration, with the confidence that data remains secure.

Your personal link is generated automatically, so you can begin collecting files. There’s no need to send an email: You can streamline collaboration by sharing your link directly via apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or within video chat.

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Extend Data Privacy, Autonomy, and Persistent Control

What makes someone most likely to share their sensitive data with you?

Giving them the control. With Secure Share, data owners can manage access settings, such as adding an expiration date or watermark to their file, preventing download for “read only” ability, and revoking access any time they choose.

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Build trust with your collaborators.

Encourage them to actively manage access to their data with the ability to see all protected files and messages they’ve shared with you.

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Secure share sender Inbox

Accelerate Productivity and Remove Barriers to Digital Collaboration

  • Offer a secure and convenient way for collaborators to share sensitive data with you that is end-to-end encrypted upon upload and throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Exchange files via a web application, so there’s no need to download any software or applications.
  • Accept even large files: Virtru’s platform supports unlimited file size. 
  • Receive a notification when someone shares data with you, so you won’t miss any important information.
  • Give collaborators the control over their data so they can manage or revoke access any time and feel confident sharing sensitive data with you.

Virtru Secure Share Makes Your Job Easier

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For HR Teams:

  • Gather personal information for new employee onboarding 
  • Update payroll information and PII for current employees
  • Request documents from partner/vendor organizations
  • Collect contractual agreements and tax forms from contractors 
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For Business Leaders:

  • Collect proposals from multiple vendors in response to an RFP
  • Protect intellectual property shared by a third party
  • Gather sensitive documents from board members or investors



For Finance Organizations:

  • Receive general loan or mortgage paperwork from lenders
  • Collect financial reports, documentation for mergers and acquisitions, and loans
  • Receive insurance information for claim requests and substantiations

For State and Local Government:

  • Request files across public services organizations such as police, fire, and courts
  • Gather data across different internal departments and field operations
  • Request community planning files from various stakeholders 

For Manufacturing Organizations:

  • Request sensitive product information from customers
  • Gather data from logistical supply chain partners
  • Request proposals from supply chain partners for particular projects

For Healthcare Organizations:

  • Request patient records from other different healthcare providers 
  • Receive health background files to collaborate on patient care 
  • Request general PII and PHI from new or ongoing patients

Gain the Full Benefit of the Virtru Trusted Data Platform

Secure Share is part of Virtru’s Trusted Data Platform, a holistic suite of data protection products and solutions. Like Virtru’s other encryption offerings, Secure Share is built on the powerful Trusted Data Format (TDF), which protects data no matter how it’s shared, where it lives, or who has access to it.

Use Virtru’s Trusted Data Platform to protect data everywhere it flows through your organization: through email, enterprise applications, file sharing solutions, and collaboration tools.

Secure Share is a cost-effective solution to streamline your data security stack.

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More than 7,000 customers trust Virtru for their data security and privacy protection.

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