Keep Your Data Private with Data-Centric Security

Virtru enables companies to protect, control, and audit sensitive information, with industry-leading usability and design. Sharing data safely has never been easier.

Take Control of Your Data Privacy

The New Normal

Data is being created faster and is moving into unknown environments where visibility and control are increasingly difficult. It’s simply not possible to trust that every environment is safe.

Legacy Controls Are Not Enough

Legacy approaches to data protection and control aren’t suited for today’s porous, undefined perimeter. They don’t provide persistent protection and control across applications, and can’t enable the sharing workflows your employees need to work with external parties.

There’s Still Hope for Your Data

Virtru protection travels with your data wherever it goes. Encryption and access policies are centrally managed and applied to data as it’s created. You get ultimate visibility and control into where the data travels, who has access, and for how long.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Virtru has a proven track record of successfully deploying end-to-end encryption to hundreds of thousands of users in large enterprises. We adapt to your infrastructure and application workflows, providing persistent protection with an exceptional user experience.

End-to-End Protection, Wherever Your Data Lives

Virtru for Google

Encryption and Control for Gmail and Google Drive

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Virtru for Microsoft

Layered Security for Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 and Azure

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SaaS Applications

Compliance and Privacy for SaaS App Data Exchanges

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Key Management

Adaptable Key Management with Customer-Hosted Keys

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