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Secure your emails and attachments, choose who can view them, and revoke access at any time

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Virtru makes it easy to keep private communication private

Encrypt emails before sending

Control who has access

Revoke secure messages and files at any time

See where your messages are forwarded

Virtru works with the tools you use every day

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Virtru is a walk in the park compared with some of the other options.
Virtru might be one of the few to add encryption to existing email service providers in a particularly user-friendly way.
Email encryption has never been this slick and easy.
This encryption tool will change the way we use email.
A way to get encryption and security into email without sender and recipient needing to install tools or share keys.
Virtru’s technology enables users to encrypt every email and attachment with the strongest encryption out there.
Services like Virtru will probably give most commercial users a degree of security that only governments have enjoyed to this point.
The firm’s product will set a standard for universal e-mail security.
At the very least, it’s as good as anything the intelligence community is using.
The key with what Virtru does is that it works across different platforms, something that is largely a gap today.
Virtru lets individuals and companies encrypt attachments, revoke messages, restrict forwarding and set expiration dates.
Unlike traditional encryption programs that require technical know-how to install and use, Virtru’s products work with e-mail services from Google Inc., Yahoo! Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc., letting users secure messages with a few mouse clicks.
Virtru is HIPPA compliant, a mandatory standard for U.S. health care providers handling sensitive information.
Virtru offers a simple browser plug-in to encrypt e-mails and file attachments using existing platforms like Gmail.
Above all else, Virtru deftly solves the single most pressing issue in encryption today: Ease of use.

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Easy to Use Encrypted Email Service

Everyone has a right to keep their digital content private and secure. We founded Virtru because we believe that email encryption should be easy and convenient.

With Virtru, you can choose when to keep your digital content private and secure even after it’s shared online. Emails and files encrypted with Virtru can be revoked at any time, right from within your existing Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and accounts on your desktop or smartphone. Learn more about how our encrypted email service works.