Protection That Travels With Your Data

Virtru is your data privacy force field, wrapping and protecting emails and files wherever they’re shared.
It’s easy-to-use data security software that ensures audit and control.

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Data Protection
Easily encrypt your emails and data, ensuring it’s only accessible to intended recipients

Visibility and Control
Audit and control who has accessed your emails and files, even after resharing

Meet regulatory requirements for email encryption, data security, privacy, and data residency

Threat Protection
Reduce data exfiltration risk from insiders, compromised devices, malware, or accidental loss


Business Privacy and the Cloud: Imperatives for Data Protection

Thursday, June 15 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

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  • "Virtru's technology enables users to encrypt every email and attachment with the strongest encryption out there."

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  • "Virtru is HIPAA compliant, a mandatory standard for U.S health care providers handling sensitive information."

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  • "Virtru is a walk in the park compared with some of the other options."

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  • "Email encryption has never been this slick and easy."

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  • "This encryption tool will change the way we use email."

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  • "The key with what Virtru does is that it works across different platforms, something that is largely a gap today."

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