Welcome to Virtru!

Thanks for installing Virtru! We’re here to help you easily protect your data wherever it’s created or shared, empowering you to collaborate with confidence.

Start Sharing Securely in Minutes

Here are some key resources to help get you started and guide you through common workflows after you’ve installed the Virtru Email Protection browser extension.

1. Activate

Before Virtru can protect your emails, activate your email account and enable the Virtru browser extension.

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2. Protect

After activation, simply flip a toggle in the compose window to protect your email message and attachments.

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3. Add Controls

Before sending, apply security options for persistent protection, wherever your email is shared.

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4. Collaborate

After you send, see how your recipients can seamlessly access the protected email, without installing Virtru, so you can collaborate with confidence.

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Visit the support center for resources to get up and running with Virtru.

More than 6,000 customers trust Virtru for data security and privacy protection.

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