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Virtru + Google: Better Together

Help your customers maximize security across the Google ecosystem by adding a layer of data security and encryption. With Virtru, you can unblock tough sales and earn incentives for eligible deals.

Co-Sell With Virtru and Win More Deals

Bring us your toughest compliance needs, encryption standards, and security concerns. You can win more Google business and earn more SPIFs with Virtru.

The Virtru Advantage for You and Your Customers

Virtru helps you fulfill Google Cloud commits, unblock tough deals, and earn incentives. 


Zero Trust Data Control with BeyondCorp + Virtru

Virtru extends BeyondCorp’s zero trust security value to individual pieces of data with object-level encryption for emails, files, and native Google Drive formats.

Together, BeyondCorp and Virtru provide a comprehensive Zero Trust security solution for data possessed internally and shared externally.


Virtru Buyer Signals
  • Compliance: ITAR/CGP, CJIS, CMMC 2.0, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, PCI
  • Client-Side/End-to-End Encryption: PGP, S/MIME, etc.
  • Customer-Hosted Key Management: For Google Workspace or Google Cloud
  • Google Client-Side Encryption
  • Data Sovereignty and Data Residency
  • Google Enterprise Key Manager (EKM)
  • Microsoft GCC High, O365 Message Encryption, Double Key Encryption (DKE)
  • Zero Trust Security
  • Assured Controls
Key Industries and Use Cases
  • Legacy Microsoft Enterprises: GCC High cost-saving migrations, hybrid environments
  • HLCS: HIPAA compliance for external sharing
  • Financial Services: PCI compliance, secure file transfer, on-premise key management
  • Public Sector: ITAR, CMMC, HIPAA, CJIS compliance
  • Manufacturing, Energy, Telco, Aerospace: ITAR/CMMC compliance, on-premise key management, end-to-end encryption
  • Technology/Digital Natives: Secure external sharing, IP protection, security audits

Virtru as Your Client Side Encryption Partner

Trusted by more than 8,000 customers, Virtru is one of the best client-side encryption providers who offer these key features:

  • Deploy from Google Cloud Marketplace to help meet customer commits.
  • Receive ISV Solution Connect SPIFs from Google for eligible Virtru sales.
  • Encrypt native Google files AND non-native files from Google Drive for external sharing.
  • Streamline key management for Drive, Gmail, and Google Cloud with one easy solution
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Ready to Co-Sell with Virtru?

As a Googler, you are eligible for significant sales & marketing support from Virtru, including Virtru-sponsored campaigns, dedicated outbound resources, and warm introductions from Virtru sellers into target accounts where we have existing relationships.

To take advantage of these opportunities, please contact Matt Sack (matt@virtru), reach out to your regular Virtru counterpart, or submit a co-selling form at: go/isvconnectdealreg