Google Workspace Encryption, Recommended by Google

Virtru adds a seamless and essential layer of security to Google Workspace. Easily protect data stored and created in Gmail and Google Drive—and maintain control wherever they’re shared—empowering your teams to collaborate with confidence.

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Data-Centric Google Workspace Security for Cloud-Based Collaboration

Protection to Complement Google Workspace Client-side encryption

Virtru is a partner for Google Workspace Client-side encryption (coming soon to beta) with key management and offers encryption that travels with files wherever they are shared, ensuring your data stored within Google Workspace is confidential and remains private if you need to share via other workflows. Confidently store and share any sensitive data with advanced, secure data tracking.

End-to-End Email and File Encryption

Encrypt Gmail messages and attachments, as well as files stored in Google Drive—including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and other uploaded files. Virtru’s simple Chrome extension protects emails and files directly in Google Workspace, preventing access by Google and unauthorized parties, wherever data is shared.

Google Cloud Security

Files stored in Google Drive are encrypted upon upload. Users can also protect and maintain control of files downloaded from Google Drive and shared through other workflows.

Granular, Persistent Access Controls

Set expiration dates and disable forwarding or re-sharing. Revoke access at any time.

Virtru + Google Workspace
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Industry-Leading Ease of Use

Easy, On-Demand Protection

Virtru users can apply encryption and access controls using existing workflows. Virtru is embedded directly in the native Google Workspace user experience with a simple Chrome extension.

Seamless, Secure Access

Virtru users and recipients can read and respond to encrypted emails directly from their inbox. External recipients without Virtru can easily and securely access protected email and shared files through the Secure Reader with their existing credentials or a one-time verification link – non-Google recipients don’t need to create a new account and password.

Persistent Visibility

Senders can easily view who has accessed or forwarded an email, throughout the full data lifecycle, and can always revoke access or adjust access controls.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Mitigate data sharing risks and help meet regulatory compliance with Virtru’s configurable DLP security rules that detect sensitive data. Create a safety net that protects against human error by automatically encrypting or alerting users before sending.

Security Awareness and Adoption

Virtru’s seamless, intuitive user experience helps boost security awareness and ensure user adoption, so you get the most out of your investment.


Recommended by Google

Virtru is a recommended provider of email and file encryption in Google Workspace.

Painless, Enterprise-Ready Administration

Seamless Deployments

Deploy to all users, or specific groups, via managed Chrome installs to get them up and running in minutes.

Persistent Visibility for Streamlined Audit

Gain visibility into who has accessed or forwarded your organization’s emails and files throughout the data lifecycle—and maintain the ability to revoke access at any time. Integrate with your SIEM to strengthen threat response and streamline compliance audit.

Automatic, Rules-Based Protection

Automatically enforce email encryption with DLP rules that detect and protect sensitive data. Reinforce security awareness with alerts that warn users to encrypt email. Designate specific Google Drive folders to only store encrypted documents, or require groups to encrypt all files they upload.

Key Management at Scale

Integrate with existing key management processes and hardware security modules (HSMs). Host your own keys for full control, while Virtru manages policies and key exchanges.

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Data Protection for Google Workspace Apps

Secure Cross-Departmental Content in Google Docs

Protect the ideas, plans, and private copy being created and shared across the organization using Google Docs.

Encrypt Sensitive Information in Google Sheets

Secure financial reports, budgets, and other sensitive data stored and shared in spreadsheets using Google Sheets.

Protect Intellectual Property in Google Slides

Secure important board presentations, client demos, and more with Virtru’s data protection for Google Slides.

Secure Files Uploaded to Google Drive

Virtru’s data encryption protects PDFs, Microsoft files, and other types of data uploaded to Google Drive. Additionally, admins can choose to designate Google Drive folders that automatically encrypt everything that’s uploaded to those folders.

More than 6,000 customers trust Virtru for data security and privacy protection.

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