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Simple, Secure Google Workspace Encryption

Recommended by Google, Virtru is a remarkably simple way for Gmail and Google Workspace users to share sensitive data with third-parties and guarantee access only by intended persons; which makes it easy for employers to meet data privacy and compliance obligations.

Team works at whiteboard - Google Workspace security supports collaboration

Zero Trust Data Security That Won’t Slow You Down

Maximize the benefits of Google Workspace with Virtru’s easy-to-use data protection, which extends Zero Trust security control across the entire Google ecosystem. With Virtru, teams can instantly encrypt sensitive data, share it externally, and guarantee that it is decrypted and accessed only by intended persons.

End-to-End Email and File Encryption
Across Google Workspace

Deploy a single data control framework across Google Workspace, from Gmail to
Google Drive; Google Meet; Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides; and beyond.

Easily Encrypt Gmail Messages and Attachments

Email and file encryption should be easy for senders and receivers both. Virtru’s Gmail plugin is natively integrated within the Gmail interface.  Users simply click a button to send encrypted information and Virtru takes care of the rest; ensuring that data can be decrypted and accessed only by intended persons, without headache or hassle.

Maintain Complete Control of Data in Google Drive

Protect files stored in Google Drive upon upload — whether they’re Google files, Microsoft files, videos,  PDFs, CAD files, or other formats. Admins can also designate secure folders that will automatically encrypt anything inside.

Communicate Securely via Google Meet

Support heightened privacy and confidentiality with the ability to encrypt Google Meet calls and video messages to improve data security and prevent third-party access.

Secure Content in Google Docs

Protect teams’ plans, ideas, and strategy created and shared in Google Docs.

Encrypt Google Sheets

Secure financial reports, budgets, and other sensitive data stored and shared in spreadsheets using Google Sheets.

Protect Intellectual Property in Google Slides

Secure important board presentations, client demos, and more with Virtru data protection for Google Slides.


Collaborate Confidently with Virtru for Google Drive

Easily protect files uploaded into Google Drive with end-to-end encryption while maintaining ownership and control over your data, even if it is shared externally.


User Friendly

Works with all existing user accounts. Apply protection with one click.

Supports Your Workspace

Protects all non Google native files types (Word, Excel, PDF, etc).

Automated Protection

Designate specific folders to only store encrypted documents, or to encrypt all files uploaded by a certain group.

Granular Controls

Set expirations, disable forwarding, and watermark attachments.

Fast and Affordable

Streamline your data centric security obligations, regardless of your Workspace subscription level.

Elevated Data Security with Virtru Private Keystore

Control where you store your private keys for all of your Google Workspace solutions while Virtru manages policies and handles high volume key exchanges. Virtru Private Keystore helps meet regulatory compliance obligations and ensure data sovereignty, wherever your encrypted data is created, stored and shared.

  • Simplify data security while providing a seamless experience for end users

  • Integrated solution for key management means you don’t need to work with multiple vendors to attain the same level of security and control

  • Maintain complete control over your keys enhancing your data-centric security and true zero trust architecture

Google Workspace Solutions supported by Virtru Private Keystore:

  • Google Gmail

  • Google Drive

  • Google Workspace Client Side Encryption (CSE)  
Screenshot of Virtru for Google Drive, which allows you to disable forwarding and set an expiration date.

Easily Comply With Data Privacy Obligations

Meet Data Compliance Regulations

Virtru’s best-in-class data protection equips customers to meet even the strictest compliance regulations, including HIPAA, ITAR, CMMC, and CJIS.

Collaborate with Confidence

Virtru’s Zero Trust Data Access controls are cryptographically bound to the data, everywhere it travels — even outside your organization. Users can change those access controls at any time: Revoke messages, add watermarks, prevent forwarding, and more.

Apply Data Policy Control and Manage Encryption Keys

With Virtru, you can control the flow of sensitive data — not just in Gmail, but also in Docs, Sheets, and Slides — using Google’s Client-Side Encryption for Workspace. Further, you can host and manage your own encryption keys for data stored in Google Cloud, leveraging Virtru as your External Key Manager.

What Makes Virtru Unique?

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Data-Centric Security

Other organizations protect data by proxy, by protecting at the network level. We protect the data itself, so data can travel freely while still remaining fully under your control.

Remarkably Easy to Use
Remarkably Easy to Use

Security solutions won’t do you any good unless people actually use them. Virtru is simple to use, and it’s natively incorporated into users’ existing workflows.

Full-Lifecycle Data Control and Visibility - three circles icon
Full-Lifecycle Data Control and Visibility

Easily view who has accessed or forwarded an email — and adjust or revoke data access controls at any time. Integrate Virtru with your SIEM to strengthen threat response and streamline compliance audit.

Simple Recipient Experiences
Simple Recipient Experiences

No clunky portals. No new usernames or passwords. No barriers to accessing data. Virtru Secure Reader makes it simple for recipients to use existing credentials to validate their identity and access shared information.

Quick Deployment - timer clock icon
Quick Deployment

Most of Virtru’s data protection solutions can be deployed in less than a day, so you can quickly start protecting your data, and meeting compliance regulations.

Sophisticated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Exclamation point in circle
Sophisticated Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Virtru’s DLP is quick to roll out and highly configurable to your organization’s needs, including the option to warn users before sending an email containing sensitive information. For healthcare organizations managing protected health information (PHI), our integration with Nightfall provides a cohesive, enterprise-ready DLP solution, which makes it easy to comply with HIPAA.

We were looking for a solution that could easily scale as we grow and was also easy for our customers to use. That’s why Virtru is absolutely ideal for us.

We are very happy with our move to the cloud, and Virtru enabled us to make this transition securely and seamlessly. It’s much more efficient for our 44,000 users to use one email system, and we have saved a great deal of time and resources internally.

Virtru’s warning feature gives them a chance to verify that they’re sending the right thing to the right person. We’re giving them an opportunity to take a second look.

Ram Avrahami avatar ChadBairnsfather
Ram Avrahami, Head of Global IT and IS, NEXT Insurance
Ken Cheney, Acting CIO, Maryland Department of Education
Chad Bairnsfather, CISO, Health IQ

Ready to strengthen your data security across Google Workspace?