Virtru for HIPAA Compliance

Maintain HIPAA Compliance Wherever PHI is Created or Shared

HIPAA-Compliant Data Protection Made Easy

  • Secure PHI easily and quickly
  • Share data and maintain compliance
  • Improve patient care and trust

The HIPAA Compliance and PHI Sharing Balancing Act

Today, the sheer volume of protected health information (PHI), including patient medical records, test results, treatment plans, and billing claims, is growing at an astronomical rate of 48 percent annually, according to the Stanford Medicine 2017 Health Trends Report. Sharing PHI in a timely, secure fashion while preventing unauthorized access and misuse is a core HIPAA compliance challenge.

Internal back-office personnel, out-of-network providers, payer organizations, and HR departments in any organization need an easy, secure way to share PHI.

HIPAA Compliance Risks and Opportunities

To maintain patient privacy and ensure HIPAA compliance, healthcare organizations need to assess their risks and “implement a mechanism to encrypt electronic PHI whenever deemed appropriate.”

Despite the regulation, many organizations are still not HIPAA compliant — as proven by countless headline-grabbing data breaches.

Without data protection that enables secure access, organizations face HIPAA noncompliance fines, disclosure costs, lost patient trust, and damage to their brand. Organizations that handle PHI need an easy data protection solution that doesn’t make them choose between protecting data and sharing it, yet existing solutions are difficult to use and hinder the sharing of PHI.

“People are probably more security conscious than we give them credit for, and given an easy to use capability like Virtru – literally just hit the button – they’ll do it.”

Ken Kurz, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)

Seamless, HIPAA Compliant PHI Protection

At Virtru, we understand that making PHI accessible is the key to delivering better treatment and optimizing care outcomes, but sharing it increases HIPAA compliance risks. Virtu was designed to help unlock the value of PHI by enabling compliant sharing workflows throughout the course of care, with persistent protection and granular access controls that ensure patient privacy.

Start Securely Sharing PHI in Minutes


Immediately take control of your PHI and ensure HIPAA compliance, with rapid deployments that fit with your current infrastructure. Within minutes, you can configure Virtru to protect data stored in and shared by common PHI sharing tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Google Drive, Salesforce Health Cloud, and more.


Close implementation and usability gaps that legacy PHI protection approaches have been struggling to fill for decades. Using the interoperable, open standard Trusted Data Format (TDF), Virtru provides persistent encryption and access controls that keep PHI protected and compliant.


Collaborate with confidence, and revoke access at any time to prevent HIPAA disclosure requirements. Admins can implement the Virtru HIPAA Compliance DLP Rule Pack to automatically protect PHI and use the Virtru Dashboard for granular visibility into who has accessed or forwarded PHI to support HIPAA audits.

Virtru has helped thousands of healthcare organizations maintain HIPAA compliance by protecting PHI, wherever it is created or shared.

“HIPAA is serious stuff, bringing the risk of hefty fines. Now that the whole county uses Virtru, we’re confident we have the solution. Virtru is incredibly easy to implement county-wide. That, plus its other functionality, makes it seamless for us to train our users. It was not only the best product, but had the best price. Simple.”

Richard Juliano, CTO, Columbia County, New York

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