Layered Protections in Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

Virtru offers a seamless and essential layer of security to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Encryption, access controls, key management, and persistent audit for customers that need to meet privacy and compliance requirements.

The concept of layered protections means implementing the appropriate level of security controls, depending on the nature of your collaboration workflows and the relative sensitivity.

Layered protections are critical for G-Suite, where you can think of it like a spectrum.

On one side, you have unregulated, nonsensitive data or basic security hygiene using G-Suite native security controls will suffice. In the middle, you have regulated sensitive data, things like PHI or PII subject to HIPAA, GDPR or CCPA compliance. This is where you want to consider intermediate protections. G-Suites Advanced Security controls like domain white listing or data loss prevention, or giving users the option to protect data with Virtru’s easy end-to-end encryption.

Mitigating risk by meeting regulatory compliance requirements for protecting sensitive, private information.

Then there’s highly regulated confidential data. This is subject to more stringent regulations like ITAR, EAR and CJIS. Here the penalties and damages from data loss are severe.

So you need to heighten protections like making Virtru on by default for specific groups automatically enforcing Virtru’s encryption or hosting keys. At Virtru, we help organizations scope and implement these layered protections to drive secure collaboration, ultimately unlocking the power of G-Suite.