Virtru Email Protection

Protect and control access to emails and attachments no matter where they are created, stored or shared.

Protect and Share

Encrypt from Sender to Recipient

One-click to encrypt emails and attachments directly from existing email, devices and tools.

Only you and your intended recipients have access to your content.

Read and Respond From Your Inbox

View Virtru-protected messages directly from your inbox for a seamless user experience.


Never Lose Control of Your Sensitive Information.

Revoke, expire, and track or disable forwarding – even after messages have been read or forwarded – either on-demand or automatically via custom policies.

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Set, Enforce, and Report on Enterprise Policies and Rules

Configure rules and enforce security policies from a central location.

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Gain Visibility and Insight

Quickly see where emails and files have been shared – inside and outside your organization.

Features Summary

Surprisingly Easy to Use Data Protection

Easy to create and protect

One-click email encryption protects emails and attachments directly from existing email, mobile devices and tools.

Easy to read

No software to install, no portals, no new user IDs or passwords for recipients.

Secure from sender to recipients

Only you and your intended recipients have access to your content.

Search encrypted emails

Search your encrypted archived emails or emails in your inbox the same way you search today, without giving access to third parties.

Branded Email Templates

Easily add your organization’s logo and branding to the protected emails that recipients see.

Complete Control and Visibility

Set policies and rules

Automatically detect violations or notify users.

View audit trail

Track where users share protected content.

Revoke messages and use other controls

Revoke access to messages and attachments, control forwarding and set expiration dates even after a message has been opened.

Read Receipts

See when recipients read your protected emails.

PDF Watermarking

Individually watermark protected PDF attachments with each recipient’s email address.

Host Your Own Keys

Host encryption keys on-premise, in a private cloud, or in the public cloud of your choice to meet GDPR and other data privacy requirements.

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