Why Virtru

Self-Protecting Data with Surprising Ease of Use

By combining the open standard Trusted Data Format (TDF) with patented technology to streamline user experience, Virtru offers unparalleled interoperability and ease of use.

Addressing an Age-Old Problem

For too many years, traditional data protection technologies have tried and failed to secure our most sensitive information. Why? Because they create friction for the end users and fail to provide real control over information after it’s shared. At Virtru, we’ve taken a new approach, combining open standards, data-centric protections, and patented technology that removes friction for senders, recipients, and administrators.

Virtru Secure User-First Technology

Secure User-First patented technology that powers Virtru’s revolutionary ease of use.

With Virtru Secure User-First Technology, users anywhere, on any devices can work the way they do today – without requiring a separate log-in, user interface, or application. Our intellectual property includes:

Client Side End-to-End Encryption

Enables recipients to securely consume the content in a browser without installing software on the client.

Federated Identity 

Allows Virtru Data Protection to authenticate against existing ID providers. Recipients can use their existing identity with no need to use or create another ID/Password.

Encrypted Search

Allows users to search encrypted email and attachments as easily as they search Google or Microsoft email inboxes.

Learn More About our Patents

Trusted Data Format (TDF)

Originally used to protect the most sensitive data shared among US intelligence agencies, the TDF is now used by more than 8,000 organizations to protect and control emails and files.

  • Encrypts and protects any data type
  • Protection travels with data, no matter how or where data is shared
  • Share across any device/platform
  • Enables fine grain access control
  • Open data protection standard

The Virtru Difference

Legacy Data Protection

  • Requires software installation
  • Must create new account and password
  • Complex certificate and key management infrastructure
  • Requires prior trust relationship
  • Impossible to search protected content
  • Not end-to-end encrypted
Virtru Secure User-First Technology

Patented technology for ease of use and control.

Trusted Data Format

Open standard for self protecting data.

Virtru Data Protection

  • No software to install
  • Use existing identity
  • Seamless key management, host keys anywhere
  • Share with anyone
  • Search encrypted content
  • End-to-end encrypted

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