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Data Protection to Complement SIEM and SOAR Platforms

While SIEM and SOAR tools detect potential cyber threats, Virtru’s Zero Trust Data Control allows you to take action to safeguard your most valuable asset: Your data.

Take Immediate Action to Stop a Data Breach

In an escalating threat landscape, SIEM and SOAR platforms are essential for detecting threats, anomalies, and potential cyber attacks.

But when a threat is detected, what happens next? As your teams act quickly to mitigate vulnerabilities, it’s essential that you’re taking action to safeguard the asset that hackers are ultimately after: Your data.

Used in conjunction with SIEM and SOAR tools, Virtru’s granular Zero Trust Data Control enables you to take immediate action to control access to sensitive data. Powered by the Trusted Data Format, our military-grade encryption safeguards data at the object level, so even if your networks are breached, the data itself is protected and inaccessible to any bad actor.


For True Zero Trust Security, Start with the Data.

Data is the lifeblood of any organization. Whether it’s intellectual property, customer or patient data, or operational information, data is critical to keeping your business afloat.

As you detect and mitigate insider and outsider threats, it’s essential to also take action to secure the data itself, everywhere it moves. Data is not static: It is shared internally and externally, and as it moves, it needs to remain protected.

Virtru’s encryption safeguards the data for its full lifecycle, everywhere it moves, both inside and outside of your network. Our technology ties attribute-based access controls to the data itself, so it always remains under your control: Admins and data owners can revoke or change data access at any time — even after it’s been shared externally.

More than 7,000 customers trust Virtru for their data security and privacy protection.


What Makes Virtru Unique?

Data-Centric Security

Other organizations protect data by proxy, by protecting at the network level. We protect the data itself, so data can travel freely while still remaining fully under your control.

Simple Recipient Experiences

No clunky portals. No new usernames or passwords. No barriers to accessing data. Virtru Secure Reader makes it simple for recipients to use existing credentials to validate their identity and access shared information.

Remarkably Easy to Use

Security solutions won’t do you any good unless people actually use them. Virtru is simple to use, and it’s natively incorporated into users’ existing workflows.

Quick Deployment

Most of Virtru’s data protection solutions can be deployed in less than a day, so you can quickly start protecting your data and meeting compliance regulations.

Full-Lifecycle Data Control and Visibility

Easily view who has accessed or forwarded an email — and adjust or revoke data access controls at any time. Integrate Virtru with your SIEM to strengthen threat response and streamline compliance audit.

Sophisticated Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Virtru’s DLP is quick to roll out and highly configurable to your organization’s needs, including the option to warn users before sending an email containing sensitive information. For healthcare organizations managing protected health information (PHI), our integration with Nightfall provides a cohesive, enterprise-ready DLP solution, which makes it easy to comply with HIPAA.

Ready to implement simple, seamless Zero Trust security to complement SIEM and SOAR?

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