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Someone sent you an email or file
encrypted by Virtru.

Here’s what you should do next.

Click the “Unlock Message” button in the email you received
Verify your identity
View the email and attachments, and reply securely

What is Virtru?

Virtru is a secure email and file-sharing platform used by thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world. If you’ve received a Virtru-protected message, that means that someone wants to share information with you in a secure manner. Virtru acts as a protective wrapper around sensitive emails, files, and other information that needs to be shared securely.

You don’t have to be a Virtru customer to open or reply to a Virtru-protected email. We make it easy for everyone to access the encrypted information that’s been shared with them.

Are you interested in learning more about how Virtru protects sensitive data in motion?


Over 7,000 Customers Worldwide Trust
Virtru’s Data Protection Solutions

Virtru FAQs

Why did I receive a Virtru-protected message?

If you’ve received an email protected by Virtru, that means someone wanted to securely share information with you. You will see the sender’s information in the “From” field of your email.

Did Virtru send me this message?

No. Virtru did not send you a message. Virtru is a secure email and file-sharing tool that over 7,000 organizations use to protect the sensitive information they share with others.

Do I have to install Virtru to view my message?

No. With Virtru, there is no software to install, and you don’t have to create a username or password. You can simply use your existing Google or Microsoft credentials to confirm your identity, or you can opt to receive a verification email. If you choose the latter option, just click the “Verify” button in the email you receive, and you’ll be able to view your protected message.

How do I reply to a Virtru-protected message?

Once you view your Virtru-protected message, you’ll have the option to reply and add your own attachments. For more information, view the video below.

Accessing Your Encrypted Message
and Attachments

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Protect Your Own Messages with Virtru

Want to learn how you can use Virtru to protect your own emails, files, and other data flowing in and out of your organization? Book a demo with our team to learn how you can secure your most important data, anywhere and everywhere it’s shared.