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SecureCycle, Powered by OpenTDF

SecureCycle is a sample application that demonstrates how OpenTDF safeguards private health information — in this case, sensitive data related to period tracking and symptoms. 

Secure Cycle -1
Privacy, Period.

A women-led team of Virtru employees developed SecureCycle as part of its bi-annual Hackathon to demonstrate how OpenTDF can be used to solve real-world problems and pressing privacy issues. In the wake of Roe v. Wade, people around the U.S. are concerned about what could happen if their data falls into the wrong hands. 

With OpenTDF, Put Power in the Hands of the Individual

A sample application, SecureCycle leverages end-to-end encryption offered by OpenTDF, which means data owners maintain complete control over who has access to their personal data, regardless of where that data is stored. What’s more, any attempt by a third party to access data will prompt a notification to the data owner (the app user in this case) with the choice to release their information to that party or not.

Demo Videos

The Team's Pitch

Why SecureCycle, and why now? Hear a pitch from our team on why we decided to build a secure period-tracking application as part of Virtru's 2022 Innovation Week hackathon.

SecureCycle Demo

See our SecureCycle sample app demo in action, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the OpenTDF technology that makes this app truly secure. 

Want to leverage the technology behind SecureCycle?