Virtru Data Protection for GDPR

Improve Your Data Privacy Posture.

Enable GDPR-Compliant Email & File Sharing.

Protect and Share Sensitive Information with Confidence

Send GDPR compliant emails and content directly from G Suite, Office 365, and enterprise applications from any device. Respond securely to customer requests for their data.

Enforce Compliance for

All Users

Preconfigured rules check for personal information and automatically encrypt it before it leaves the sender’s device.

Improve Data Privacy by

Managing Customer Keys

Manage your own keys, improving data privacy by ensuring that Virtru, or any other service provider, does not have access to customer keys.

GDPR includes an explicit duty to consider encrypting personal data as part of an overall obligation to use “state of the art” security measures. As a result, for many organizations and users, encryption is effectively mandatory.

Virtru for GDPR Facilitates GDPR Compliance in Four Key Ways

End-to-End Encryption

Strong, easy-to-use client side encryption.

Key Management

Complete control of customer encryption keys.


Powerful access control tools that allow organizations to maintain control of their data.


Audit tools that facilitate insight and reporting on when and where data has been accessed or shared.

Features Summary

Surprisingly Easy-to-Use Data Protection

Easy to Create and Protect

One-click Protection encrypts emails and content directly from existing email, devices, and tools.

Easy to Read

No software to install, no portals, no new user ID/passwords.

Secure from Creator to Consumer

Only you and your intended recipients have access to your content. Meets GDPR’s requirement as “state of the art” for e-mail encryption.

Search Encrypted Emails

Search the full text of encrypted emails in the inbox or in an archiving system without giving access to third parties.

Complete Control & Visibility

Customer Managed Keys

Manage your own keys, improving data privacy by ensuring that Virtru, or any other service provider, does not have access to customer keys. Locate keys on premise, or in any cloud.

Set Policies and Rules

Automatically detect violations or notify users.

View Audit Trail

Reporting and Audit Trails provide insight on when and where emails and files were accessed or shared.

Revoke Content and Use Other Controls

Powerful control tools, such as revoke content and control forwarding, enable organizations to maintain control of their data no matter where emails and files are created, stored or shared.

Read Receipts

See when recipients view your protected content.

Watermark PDFs

Individually watermark protected PDF files with each recipient’s email address.

See Virtru Up Close & Personal

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The Simple Guide to GDPR Data Protection Requirements

Uncovering Key Requirements and Methods for Compliance

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