Virtru Data Protection for Microsoft

Easy Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange encryption, insight, and control for information shared inside and outside your organization.

OWA and Outlook Desktop Data Protection

Cross-Platform Insight & Control

Revoke, expire, audit, and track or disable forwarding for messages even after they’ve been read – and even when shared with non-Microsoft email recipients.

On-Demand Microsoft Encryption

Add Exchange or Office 365 email encryption with the flip of a switch directly from your inbox.

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Surprisingly Easy to Use

Send to Anyone

Manage access to protected data shared with any recipients, even those who do not use Microsoft email platforms or have Virtru installed.

No Installation, Setup, or Attachment Downloads Required

Recipients can read and respond to your protected messages directly from OWA, Outlook desktop, mobile devices, or any web browser.

Flexible Security and Policy Enforcement

Prevent Third Party Access to Your Data

Combine client-side protection with customer-hosted encryption keys for maximum data privacy.

Automatically Protect Sensitive Content

Set policies to detect and enforce Microsoft encryption and data protection actions for confidential emails and files – on both the client-side and at the network level.

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Administrative Access and Control

Granular Insight to Your Data

See where user data travels, and revoke access at any point – even when communicating with non-Microsoft email users.

E-Discovery Support

Search, bulk decrypt, and export protected messages, or route plain text copies of protected messages to third party archival solutions.

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Virtru for Microsoft Feature Summary

Cross-Platform Audit and Control

Revoke, expire, and track or disable forwarding – even for messages shared with non-Microsoft email recipients. Learn More.

Client-Side and Network Level Office 365 Email Encryption

Protect emails before they leave your end-users’ devices, or enforce organization-wide Microsoft encryption and data protection policies on your outbound mail server.

Administrative Insight and Control

See where user data travels, and manage access at any point. Learn More.

Policy Enforcement

Set rules to automatically protect sensitive content and add Microsoft encryption before it leaves or enters your organization. Learn More.

Read Receipts

See when recipients have accessed your protected emails and files. Learn More.

PDF Watermarking

Automatically watermark protected PDF attachments with each recipient’s email address. Learn More.

Mobile Data Protection

Protect and control access to sensitive data shared from your mobile devices. Learn More.

Searchable Message Encryption

Search your protected messages from OWA and Outlook desktop without giving access to third parties.

Email Routing & E-Discovery

Route plain text copies of protected messages to third party archival solutions for compliance, e-discovery and audit purposes.

Regulatory Compliance

Enable compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, CFPB, EAR, CJIS, and other privacy regulations that require additional Office 365 email encryption and data protection.

Group Sharing and Configuration

Enable data protection and customize permissions for distribution groups, organizational units, and email aliases already setup on Active Directory.

Customer-Hosted Keys

The Virtru Customer Key Server lets you host encryption keys on premise, in a private cloud, or in the public cloud of your choice. Learn More.

Custom Branded Templates

Add your organization’s branding to the protected emails that recipients see. Learn More.


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