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Virtru + BeyondCorp: Better Together for Zero Trust Data Control

Shift security controls from the network perimeter to individual users,
and all the way down to individual pieces of data flowing in and out of your business. 

The Power of Virtru and BeyondCorp

Virtru extends the power of BeyondCorp zero trust security to individual pieces of data; applying object-level encryption & customer-hosted key management to emails, files, native Drive formats, and data stored in Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. 

The result is a full spectrum Zero Trust security framework that's simple to manage, fast to deploy, and versatile enough to govern access to data possessed internally, and shared externally.


Zero Trust Security Across the Google Ecosystem

Collaborate with Google Workspace

Google Workspace gives organizations the sophisticated, easy-to-use productivity tools they need to collaborate and share information in a digital-first world. But they need to ensure that shared information remains secure — especially if an organization needs to meet compliance regulations like ITAR, CMMC, CJIS, or HIPAA. 

Control Access with BeyondCorp

BeyondCorp is Google's implementation of the Zero Trust security model, enabling enterprises to control which people, and which devices, are permitted to access data that a customer’s organization possesses internally.

Control Data with Virtru

Virtru extends the power of BeyondCorp access management with end-to-end encryption that spans the entire lifecycle of the data. Virtru shields sensitive data from third parties, even after it’s been shared and consumed by authorized users – both inside and outside the organization. 

Zero Trust. Total Control.

The best zero trust security leaders have two things in common: they use BeyondCorp to control access to data possessed internally; and Virtru to control access to data shared externally.

Are you protecting data shared externally?
Do you have a clear picture of how and where data has been shared?
Once data leaves your organization, do you have any control over it?
If something goes wrong, do you have a way to take that data back?

Virtru gives you that control. Powered by the Trusted Data Format, our open, military-grade encryption wraps each data object in a layer of security and privacy that stays with the data, forever — giving you complete control at all times. It's called Zero Trust Data Control -- and it's why Virtru and BeyondCorp are better together.


Protection by Proxy vs. Pinpointed Data Protection

A first principle of Zero Trust security is “Never trust, always verify.” This applies to identities, endpoints, network traffic, applications, and, indeed, the data itself.

In today’s world, many organizations actively migrating to the cloud understandably prioritize investments aimed at securing identities, devices, and networks via "outside-in" access controls.

However, as data privacy and security regulations continue to emerge, the best organizations are expanding their Zero Trust initiatives to include data shared externally via "inside-out" access controls.

Getting Smarter About Zero Trust Data Control

Prioritize Ease of Use

Google customers love its simple interface, and security tools should follow suit. Deploy tools that make it easy and intuitive for your workforce to protect data. Virtru allows you to implement Zero Trust security without disrupting end-user workflows in Google.

Attach Attribute-Based Controls to Data

If you're using BeyondCorp to manage access and permissions, you'll want to maximize those frameworks and extend them to the data itself. Use Virtru to assign granular tags to data, so it can only be accessed by those with a true need to know.

Revoke Access When Circumstances Change

People change jobs, get reassigned, and work on short-term projects. If, and when, circumstances change, use Virtru to revoke data access instantly, at any time — whether that data resides within the Google ecosystem or has been shared externally.

Secure Data Across Multi-Cloud Environments

Whether an organization is using Google exclusively, or using a hybrid environment of Google and Microsoft, Virtru’s data protection is cloud-agnostic — making secure, cross-cloud collaboration easy.

Wherever You Are, Advance Your Zero Trust Strategy with Virtru

Let’s face it: Evolving toward a Zero Trust security architecture is hard work. It involves a complex set of practices that span all aspects of IT; from identity, to devices, to networks, to apps, and all the way down to data itself.

It’s no secret how difficult and expensive it can be to implement Zero Trust controls for all phases of the digital value stream. What might be a secret, however, is just how easy and inexpensive it can be to apply Zero Trust controls directly to your sensitive data flowing in and out of your business via email, files, and SaaS applications.

Regardless of where you are on your Zero Trust journey, Virtru makes it easy for you to take the first step (or the last step) with data-centric policy controls that can be deployed in less than a day, for less than you might expect.

Ready to take the next step in your Zero Trust journey?